Saturday, June 19, 2010

Maura dresses up for work-
When they hit goal, they dress up acording to themes. This theme was "musicians" and Maura chose Devo. Last week it was "sidekicks" and Maura went as Robin. She's hoping they get to dress up again this week. her Zombie group is looking for donations (cash) so they can enter the cardboard boat races in August, which is a benefit. Can't you see a group of Zombie Pirates there?

A storm came in late this afternoon and we had a lot of wind and rain in a short amount of time. It looked like it was letting up and so Delaney took Rufus for a walk and let us know there was a rainbow outside. This was one picture I took of it. It was huge and very well defined all across the sky. I liked how, in this shot, it ended at the lake.

When recording Wii activities for the future, you must use Video. It's just too funny watching people play games. Delaney was playing wii fit hula hooping game and Steve and Tyler were boxing. I am hoping to use the wii fit for exercise, if i get a chance to play it all by myself (because you can bet I'd be funny looking at the time) It looks like it will be fun to try and it comes with a program that tells you how much overweight you are and how much you need to do to hit targets in weight loss. I tried some of the easier ballance games to start with.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Family history project-
I dusted off the videos and decided to post them here. They were made in 2003 using 2 different programs. One was an early Movie Maker and I had to get a freeware program to make the voice recordings. Of course, I'm not that great of a speaker ( I don't have a radio voice) and I was getting a cold (or allergies) which you can hear as you progress from one video to the next. In the end, I had to stop because I had no voice.
The next person in line was Gideon, who was my ancestor who fought in the Revolutionary War. Imagine having 4 generations here before it was even a nation.
I was also perplexed about what my next step should be. I had information about my Mother's family to this date as well. Should I do one line (my dad's) until I am to the present time, and do a seperate set for my Mom's side? Should I merge the two? And what happens when I push My Mom's line farther back? Would I need to redo these?
Because my ancestors weren't famous, there's little mention of them and this is (of course) pre- Photography era, so I solved that problem by adding in images of inventions and events these people experienced. I was able to get that timeline from and just changed the dates for each generation.

Part 6- John (another one)

Part 5- Ebenezer

pt 4- Elijah the Captive

Although Elijah is not a direct ancestor of mine, it was a facinating story and I wanted to include it.

Part 3- John 1641

Part 2- John1610- Coming to America

Family History video project -

pt 1- The Introduction.

Friday, June 04, 2010

I took Delaney with me to pick up my quilts from Jeff city and we stopped at Lake of the Ozarks in search of a place that might be cool. Uh- honestly, this wasn't. I still don't get the attraction to Lake of the Ozarks... Eureka Springs is MUCH better, and it has a lake too.
Delaney thought we were weird taking her pic as she mowed for the first time, but hey! It's tradition.

Delaney and her Track medals from this year.

Dragonfly - all but the blue wings was scraps.
The head is a flat backed marble. This is supposed to be displayed on a wire so you can stick it in a pot. I've yet to get the right size wire, so for now, it's a hanging piece.
Dragonfly suncatcher- all but the blue is scraps. I
tried to make it to fit a wire ring, but was off by just a smidge-
so I'll have to try that again.

Shell- made from scraps

Stained Glass!!!
Ok, these are my first attempts at home (all on my own) of projects. I had so many scraps from my neighbor that I thought I'd try small projects and use this time to practice cutting and grinding better. I have a few more projects in the pipe, but these were finished today.I'd like to make another shell, maybe a bigger one and one that i chose the glass based on colors and not scrap size. LOL.