Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Hawaiian dolphin pillow-PQ 10-3

Project Quilting 10-3

This week's challenge was, "bigger than a breadbox" and required that the entry be at least 16" x 8'. I decided to make a pillow and the dimentions are 17.5 x 17.5.

My local guild is gearing up for a "quilt day" which is a themed gathering of several local guilds (hosted by ours). The Theme is Hawaiian Tropical. I didn't see any reason why I couldn't make something for both this challenge and the quilt day later. 
I've just returned from Florida and felt like it would be a good way to remember an interesting day there, visiting the dolphins.
I've not made any Hawaiian quilts before, but I thought I'd give it a go. 

I looked at Pinterest and found a pattern by Stacy Michell called "Dancing Dolphins". It is made for a die cut, but I just cut it out by hand, since I'm not planning on making several of these. 
I used some batik fabrics I had and followed a technique of fusing a light underfacing to the back before doing a tiny satin stitch over the raw edges. I found it to be very helpful in stabalizing the edges and allowing the stitches to sit on top rather than sink into the backing. It's a new to me technique I will use again. 
The pillow back is a simple envelope closing. I've not made any pillows before, but this was a good project for me to try a design and techniques I'm not familiar with. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Project Quilting 10-2 Red, White and Blue


Making great use of the Park being closed, I had the chance to be in Florida for this week. I didn't bring any sewing stuff with me at all. I thought I'd just miss this one, but then an idea came to me and with limited materials and sewing by hand, I made a sailboat. 
  I just wanted to take it's picture on the beach, but the winds were SO high today that this was as far as I got without the entire boat flying away. 
  I used pellon stabilizer and quilted each piece of my boat before putting it together. I appliqued on the sails and I added the 98 to represent where I am. US 98, on the gulf coast. 

The waves are really kicked up today too.  Very beautiful as a study in whites and grays.

Just the other night, when the wind was calm, we were treated to a fabulous sunset. 

Thursday, January 10, 2019

10-1 Hope Springs eternal


12.5"x 13"

" Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul 
and sings the tunes without the words
and never stops at all."
                                                            Emily Dickenson 

Project Quilting Season 10 begins with the theme, "Hope Springs Eternal". 
I have spent years creating my art in a corner of my bedroom. I have patiently waited until my girls grew up and moved out. I made do with what space I had to create in. I was not willing to defer my creativity until things were perfect and I had great hopes that, someday, I would have more space to make my art in. 

That time has finally arrived. I painted and my husband spent a lot of time (and some blood) installing a new floor so I could start out with what I really wanted. I am still moving into my space. I have many of the major elements in place and now it's a matter of tweeking for efficency. But it's here and it's mine! This challenge piece was my first piece created in my new art space. I am hopeful that it is the first of many more beautiful things made here.

The fabrics I used include the left over piece from a baby quilt for our newest addition to the family, My husband's nephew's young son and a batik I fell in love with with aqua and fire combined. 

I chose Emily Dickenson's quote because she was mostly a hermit except for her corespondence with others. When I work, I meet thousands of people daily. I enjoy having this quiet time when the park is closed to recharge and focus on my home and art. 

Sunday, May 06, 2018

This week

  Thursday, I watched a man die. It was pouring down rain and I held my umbrella over the man as someone did CPR until first aid arrived. It was too late, despite all their efforts. ( Everyone worked with great effort to change the outcome.)  I don't know his name or where he was from or if he was in bad health, or if this was a complete shock to his family. I'm having trouble getting his face out of my mind.
  Friday, I held a beautiful baby boy. I don't know where the family was from and their ethnicity could be anything: Middle Eastern, Hispanic, Pakistani, South American, American Indian, or any combination of the aforementioned. He seemed happy to have me hold him and he loved all the pins on my name tag. Same as any other baby in the world. there's a comfort to that.
  A former student stopped by and she has two absolutely gorgeous babies and carrying her third. I have no doubt this one will be beautiful as well. I hope I'll hold that one too.
 I also found out my daughter became a meme. I'm not sure what that means, except that thousands of people have seen her in a photo, but then, thousands had already seen the photo and comments both good and bad upon it. It's been 8 or 9 years since the photo was taken and it remains active on the internet. Nothing goes away online.
  A coworker has pet chickens and doesn't much care about the eggs. I told her I'd take eggs. She brought in 4 dozen. I brought home two dozen.  As she loves a variety of types of chickens, the eggs were a lovely variety of shades of brown that look lovely in my egg basket on the counter.
 Saturday, the park had record attendance. Regardless of the fact that Marketing has something to answer for, I believe it all went really smoothly. I'm pleased that I had good sales and didn't have to hit the backup stock I've painted for busy days. I got to spend some time with my co-painter as we overlapped a couple hours. She paints roses with minimal effort. I'm so jealous. Since I went home earlier than most of my coworkers, I felt bad, so I made a cake. I used some of those gorgeous eggs.
The dogs went out. One refused to come in. I went to bed and woke up at 3 am. She wanted to come in then.
  Sunday the cake was a hit. The beautiful baby boy was back and I got to hold him again. He loved my pins again. ACES, the roller-coaster enthusiasts club was back and they love the new coaster. It was a much quieter day at work as most Sundays are. I got to visit with the guests more,  be more helpful around the store in general and let my drawing arm/ hand recuperate after all it's hard work Saturday. 
  I get to visit with some quilters tomorrow and finish putting my garden in and catch up with chore around here.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

9.6–SCRAPtastic–Challenge 6 of Project QUILTING Season 9

Final Challenge- Tornado Alley- 10"x 10"

Following the rules of this last challenge, I had to use at least 12 different fabrics. 
This is a scaled down version of a very spontaneous way of creating an image I was interested in trying. 
Basically, you stack 4 pieces of fabric together, stitch in a swirled manner and then cut out sections of those stacked pieces, between the stitching, to reveal the fabrics below. If I were to use larger pieces of fabric , I could cut each swirled piece in quarters and sew them back together in an even more random final product. I really liked this and will do it again sometime I think. 
My title was inspired by a young woman I met this week who was very excited to be in Branson on their Spring Break. As I was drawing her parasol, her family told me a lot about their vacation and themselves. They were from the Oklahoma City area and she was born when a major Tornado hit their town. 
One of my favorite things about my job is meeting our visitors and being being privileged enough to listen to their stories and try to make their vacation memorable.  Here's to you, Mariah!

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Time Traveler- Challenge quilt-9.5 a stitch in time

A Stitch in Time- challenge quilt
Time Traveler 9"x 11" 

I can't believe how time has flown! I was lucky enough to find this challenge this year and it coincided with the time I have off from work. Now that time is over and I'm back to work. The challenge will be to continue my entries on limited time. I started this one today and finished it. Scaling back to a smaller size helped. (my personal challenge is to use up sample batting I have.) The park opens Wednesday with great fanfare and excitement for another season of adventure. 

First of all, some of you might wonder where I work. I work at Silver Dollar City, an amusement park near Branson, Missouri. ( If you want to check it out here's the link: https://www.silverdollarcity.com/theme-park)  You might not realize it, but the theme of the park is set in the 1880's. My uniform at work is actually a long dress, pantaloons and, if it's cold, a cape. My actual job title is salesperson in the Merchandise department, but what I really do is paint parasols. I love my job! I draw pictures on fancy umbrellas and add the child's name to it. Personalized fancy umbrellas! 

This year we have a new roller-coaster opening called Time Traveler . The backstory for the coaster involves an inventor father who has created a way to travel in time. He also teaches his daughter to "Dream Big and Do Good".  The decorative themes for the coaster (and shops) have a steampunk feel.  It's being billed as the world's fastest, steepest, tallest SPINNING roller coaster.  Not only do you have big drops and loops and twists, but the whole car also spins as it does all the other stuff ! 

This week I tried the churn dash pattern using a gray and a clock/ gear fabric that I rust dyed. I liked how this pattern reflected the spiral out from the center in a more jagged way. I quilted the whole piece in a spiral to reinforce that idea. The gears were cut out from a batik fabric and the words were cut out from a white fabric. I toned it down using textile medium and mixed in some rust from a steel wool pad in my kitchen. All of the rust gives it an aged look that fits into the general feel of our 1880's park theme. 

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Challenge 4- Mellow Yellow

Bee You
This weeks' challenge was called "Mellow Yellow". The color yellow is often a difficult color for quilters because it often takes over. So many just avoid it but this week, we embrace it in all it's glory!
This piece is 8.5 x 11 inches. I am late to the party of hexagons but Bees are a seminal childhood memory for me. My dad had bee hives when I was a kid. We lived across the street from orange/ grapefruit groves and I'm sure Dad's bees benefited the grove owners and he was occasionally called to come get some  bees that had gone rogue. He would rob the bees once a year and it was amazing to snack on the combs after school. 
  Honey is sometimes viewed as a healthy alternatives to some allergies (local source) because of the pollen it might contain. I showed that using some of the floral print in some of the cells. I suffer from  seasonal allergies from something (maybe sycamore and sassafras) I encounter in the Ozarks that I didn't in Florida.
 Finally, I like the small bit of humor that the sayings "Bee amazing, Bee you, Bee Strong" adds to this small piece. They are all good things to remember. 
I cut the brown fabric as a lattice with the yellow fabric behind it. I slipped in individual flowered hexies in between. I made a larger hexie with the Bee print and fit it into the composition. I used a lot of my specialty stitches on this piece and used my machine's lettering to add the words. I rarely use these stitches so it was fun to do that. 
If you are interested in joining the fun, go to this site and play along!