Thursday, April 26, 2007

April showers-
We are currently getting our fair share of the spring thunderstorms lately. The temperatures keep going up and down too, so I'm not sure if it's time to go ahead and plant in my garden, or hold off in case of another late season cold spell.
I haven't realized just how long it's been since I wrote here until I received a little nudge to keep this current. So, I'd like to say I've been busy creating art, but it's not the case. I've been busy winding up some of my volunteer projects, substitute teaching and being a Mom.
So, a bit of insight into what I have been doing...
I volunteered to go with the Middle school speech group to a competition. I volunteered to do Lake shore clean-up with the 4-H group. I volunteered to judge at the State finals for Destination Imagination. I set up the annual art show at our Church, showing off all the art projects the kids have done in PSR classes with me this year. I've put in quite a few days subbing various ages and classes. This week alone, Art 5-6/2-4 grades, 2nd grade classroom and 7/8 facs and careers.
I watched my daughter get inducted in the national Jr. honor's society. I've made sure, while all my kids are taking the state assessment tests, that they have all eaten a good diet, gone to bed at a decent hour and are as ready to show what they've learned as I can possibly help them to be.
I've applied to get a teaching certificate in my state and I've learned what I need to do to get anything besides a "provisional" one. I'm mulling over my options at this point, talking to other teachers, and seeing what openings might become available to teach.
Now to my meager fiber related activities at this time....
I had a quilt go to the IQA show in Chicago. It sold there. I'm sketchy on the details because so far, I've just received a phone call telling me about it. I'll get more information about that in the mail.
I'm getting ready to send my quilt that's part of the "fabled Fibers" project to the Coordinator, Ann. I believe that will be my weekend project!
I've been playing around with some new (to me) techniques and seeing how they might fit into my larger vision. I've had a few set backs too. I didn't get the AIR that I applied for. I have some ideas about why. It's going to have to be a longer termed project for me at this point.
I didn't get my "novel idea" quilt chosen for the Quilting arts magazine. It was a simple image, so that might be why.. or maybe they didn't like the book?
It's stupid to feel rejected by two disappointments. I don't think I am overly disappointed, just normal disappointment. But, it LOOKS like I've gotten myself into a slump of no creations.
I have to think a bit on that... I think I'm just challenged with all the other parts of my life being overly busy. I do not think I'm avoiding creating because I am thinking, sketching and planing quilts as I go about my other daily activities.
So, there's an update, in a nut shell, of what I've been doing. When i come up for air, I'll write more.