Saturday, August 02, 2008

Breaking Dawn Party-
Here's Maura and a classmate, Zack, at the Borders Bookstore party. So, here's the back story...
Maura had band practice until 9 pm. She changed at the school after practice(nod to Destiny for the hair help) and we drove to Springfield. As soon as I got there, I wanted to make sure I could get the book. Ok, so I ordered it online a few weeks ago and had it shipped to the store for pick up. But, when I started the conversation with the man behind the table, he assured me I would NOT be able to get the book that night. I would NOT be able to get the book until they called me that it was there. Hmmm... I told HIM I knew for a fact it had been shipped and arrived that morning. I knew for a FACT it was there and I wasn't going to be buying a new book that night (his suggestion) because I already BOUGHT the book. It seemed very clear to me what I was requesting, but apparently, it wasn't because we did go around a few times before I was allowed to know that the book was sitting there behind the counter in it's own plain box with my name on it. As soon as I said I was fine with waiting until midnight to have it placed in my hands all the issues seemed to go away. However, I think every employee in the store was scared of me at that point, or at least knew who I was. When Midnight was approaching and the patrons were in line to purchase the book, I was stationed at the front to the left of the cashiers where I knew my book was placed (having already signed for it) When midnight came, the general manager (the man behind the table who told be I wasn't getting my book that night) handed me the book, which Maura promptly grabbed out of my hands and we ran for the car. She read all the way home!
Part of the festivities was a costume contest. Maura came in 2nd. The winner had the edge because she bought special contacts that she went to 3 optometrists for. Ok, so I'm biased, but the girl looked scary dressed as a guy (Edward, the vampire) and, I think we did a good job copying the dress Alice supposedly wore to Prom. Several girls came up to Maura and told her how much they loved her look and took pictures of her, so she was happy.