Sunday, November 02, 2008

The back half of the field being filled

What an adventure! Obama made a stop in Springfield, Mo on Saturday. The rally was held at the largest HS stadium in town. Maybe they thought it was not going to be well attended? It would have been better to have chosen Missouri State's stadium, or the one for baseball downtown, but they chose Parkview High. The gates opened at 6:00 pm. the line at 6 went down several blocks to Sunshine, then wrapped down that street for several more blocks. I drove around and parked north of the HS then walked back about 5 blocks. I eventually got into the line, went through the metal detectors and had my bag searched. By this time, the front half of the field was full, the small bleachers and the large bleachers were as well. They sent us to the far set of bleachers... ones I doubt they ever thought they would be using because they were pretty bad for viewing. It didn't seem to matter to any of us. especially when they filled the back half of the field, the hillside and outside the fence too. To say it was well attended is a understatement.

I've seen estimates from 25,000 to 30,000 attended. I just know there were a lot of people there... but happy, easy going, patient, and friendly people there. Everyone seemed to have a sense of it being "History in the making "this year. I think just having this many attend in such a conservative area is proof that things ARE changing this year. Having the opportunity to SEE a Presidential candidate in person, without having to spend tons of $$ on a $$ plate dinner, or be a political insider is just refreshing. Anyone and everyone was welcome to hear him speak.

So, my seat might have been not great for seeing the speakers, but it did give me the opportunity to see the "back side" of the production, so the speak. I was able to watch the press come into the stadium when Obama arrived and watched them set up to report his visit there. I also had a good view of the secret service and Obama's arrival . The tent for the press might have blocked my view of Obama and stopped me from showing all the people in the main stands, but it didn't stop me from HEARING what he had to say.

Much of what he said, I'd heard him say before on TV. At times, I wondered if it really did make a difference that I was hearing him speak in person, since I didn't have great seats. but there were times, when he spoke and the people responded that it DID make all the difference.

To hear him say he wanted to get out of Iraq and to hear the Cheer that went up from that statement, made a difference. For years I've been asking why we were there, saying one didn't have anything to do with the other, feeling like I was Being lied to and manipulated and made to feel like I was NOT American because I dared to disagree. I was not alone last night. A stadium filled with people felt the same way and the stadium was in Conservative Southwest Missouri. Amazing.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

This week's events-
"It's been a busy week in Lake Woebegon" is how Garrison always begins his story portion of the radio show and today, I'm feeling like I can do my own version.
Monday, Delaney had her volleyball game. These are intermural games, so they are playing their classmates. It was a hard fought game, but they lost. There were plenty of great volleys during the game to make it exciting.
Wednesday, Our church had a halloween party with trunk or treat being part of it. Trunk or treat is like house to house trick or treating, but using car trunks instead. Most everyone decorated their cars. One nice thing was all the guys from the confirmation class showed up to pass out candy. They paired an older class with a younger one so there were one on one escorts.
They also had a cake walk and some games inside.
Thursday turned out to be a busy day. I worked as a band director, then Delaney had volleyball practice until 6, then we attended a special opening night of the veteran's day room in Branson.
Branson has a large celebration for veteran's day. This room will be open during the celebrations for the veterans to rest, relax and connect with others durring that week. The walls are decorated with art and other projects made by area students. Delaney wrote an essay and one of the vets made a frame for it. She was interviewed for an online magazine and several photos were taken. I was very proud of not only how well she wrote, but how well she spoke to the vets. it was a good night.
I worked friday and had the chance to see the small kids (k-1st grade) in their character costumes. Delaney made plans to trick or treat with friends, maura attended a party and spent the night with a friend. Tyler was supposed to pass out candy at the store, but he got lost in a video game and never got ready. I decided this would be a time to let his lack of time management work for me. I stayed home and relaxed.
I hope to go to Springfield tonight and hear Obama speak.