Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tyler went to his Junior prom this weekend with Chyanne, a girl he knows from work. They are good friends and I think they had a good time dressing up, going to dinner, and then the dance, hanging out with their friends. It was an education for me, seeing the entire proccess from a man's perspective as well as learning the traditions of this area and how the proccess has changed in 30 years. Actually, not that different from my prom days in rural North Florida.
I'm glad they had a good time.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Middle school drama-
Nothing is more exciting to a parent than to watch their child put ALL their passion for something and making it the best. My daughter (on the far right) is far from a nerd in her real life, but she played one wonderfully tonight. I'm proud of her ability to just "go there".

Lake Taneycomo flooding the fountains
The Fountains at Branson Landing in March
Tablerock dam with all 10 gates open

Rain, Rain,Go Away...

Ah, frankly, we've had too much of it in SW Missouri, leading to so many warnings of flash floods and general flooding, people aren't even paying attention to it. As if we didn't already know it was flooding (including my basement). Yesterday, however, we had a new warning. Civil emergency. Hmmmm. Turns out, Tablerock Lake was full enough, they had to open the gates of the dam and, for the first time since the 50's all 10 gates were opened. They increased the flow last night, opening the gates wider. The Lake is expected to crest tomorrow. This historic for me, so I took a look today. I went to the dam and took pictures. I went downtown in Branson to their new outdoor mall called "The Landing" which runs right along Taneycomo, the portion of the lake system after the dam.
All the waterfront promenade and several restaurants were closed. The showcase fountain with it's fountain jets and fire balls coordinated to music was also underwater. Most of the center was still open with an "business as usual" attitude. I need to take some pictures of Tablerock lake from locations I've shot before, to contrast. Maybe tomorrow....if it doesn't snow. Sigh!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Accepted to Denver-
How does one decide they are ready to enter shows? At one point, you have to just decide to enter and see what happens. There are so many shows, some small and regional, some very large national ones. There are all sorts of special exhibits you can enter and invitationals where the coordinator selects participants.
I tried some smaller challenges, and then smaller national shows. I entered a few special exhibits. I participated in a couple invitationals. Finally, I decided I might be ready to see how I'd do entering a national show.
At first, I was horrible at keeping track of when the deadlines were. There were a few years that I discovered the timeline of the show when everyone talked about getting accepted. I finally decided to set modest goals in January and hold myself to them. Along the way I had to understand that what everyone called a show wasn't always the true name of them. I decided to start with the IQA show in Chicago. I got in. The next year, I decided to try for Chicago and add Houston. I got in Chicago again, but didn't get in Houston. I asked for other quilters to critique the quilt and I learned from their comments. The next year, I entered Chicago and Houston again. This time, I got in both and got HM in my catagory at Houston.
This year, I set more goals in January. Chicago, Houston two smaller national shows and adding a mancusco show for the first time. So far, I got in Chicago, missed the one small national show deadline (drats!) and just got the news I got in the Mancusco show in Denver.
I have a few more shows on my wish list and I always love when the unexpected happens and my quilts end up wonderful places. I see myself growing as an artist. I am becoming more sure about my voice.