Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ice Storm Cometh-
We haven't had a good snowfall in a couple years here in the Ozarks. I wouldn't exactly call this a "good snow" but we do have plenty of white. We were luckier than some in the area. At least we kept our power throughout the storm. We had the chance to shop and stock up on Wednesday and pulled out the camping gear, just in case. We have a wood stove to keep us warm, so we wouldn't have been in dire need.
We lost another tree. This time is was our willow. The weight of the ice was just too much and it topped over with a nod to gravity.
The storm began Monday afternoon and the kids were sent home early. It continued until Wednesday Morning. Ice, sleet, freezing rain, topped off with some snow. We haven't had school all week. Today, the temps went above freezing and the ice started falling, making photo taking a dangerous sport. Tomorrow, the temps should be in the 40's and our winter wonderland will melt away.
Ice is so beautiful, especially in the sunlight, but it's so dangerous to drive in. I appreciate the fact that everyone has the sense to stay home and not attempt to make anyone venture out when the roads aren't cleared.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Martin Luther King Day-

I called my sister last night. We often go a few weeks without talking, but then we talk for hours when we do connect. We both are excited about tomorrow and was deeply moved by the concert held on the Mall yesterday. It was she who told me about the day of service and she spent her day IN service yesterday. I looked to see if anything was going on here and, saddly, no events were scheduled. I'm not even sure what I think about that... beyond sad.
If yesterday's presence of U2 told us anything, it's that Martin Luther King Jr. inspired the entire world. A group of young men from Ireland (and it's own history of tyrany) wrote a song about King and has gone on to spread his message, not only in song and words, but through action, throughout the world.
Garth Brooks , the country music singer from Oklahoma, moved that crowd. He connected and didn't just perform. He made the Obama girls giggle with the wiggle of his fingers. He ended his set with his song, "We Shall be Free" which borrowed the line from a tradional spiritual which was used heavily in the 60's freedom marches.
Martin Luther King jr.'s influence is expressed in the most unexpected places, isn't it?

Everybody can be great, because everybody can serve. Visit

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Post Secret-
So, to make up the lack of a trip over the break, I took Maura and her friend to see the art exhibit in bentonville, arkansas. You can read about it here:
First, The girls were very interested. The cards captured their attention right away and they read every single one. The exhibit was interesting because so many people who shared their secrets created postcard images or altered cards to make them very creative expressions of the subject of their secret. Some were sad. Some were shocking. Some were touching. It made me think about what secrets I have and what ones I'd want to share.
What thoughts do we have we feel we can't share? What have we done we're ashamed of? What is in our past we'd like to purge? What do we secretly hope for?
After we read all the cards, the girls went to the station they set up where visitors could create their own postcard. I spent that time looking at the envelopes some cards were sent in (see pic above) and looking at the plans for the new art museum scheduled to open in 2010. Crystal Bridges. I can hardly wait! I didn't want to hover over their shoulders so they felt free to write a secret. (hard to do that with Mom there!) We stopped in Eureka Springs and shopped a bit before heading home. It turned out to be a really nice day.

Why, Yes I am!
After Christmas, I took Delaney on a trip to see her grandparents in Cleveland. I wanted to see my parents-in-law , finally thought I could see them without blubbering (which wouldn't help anyone), and finally saw an opportunity to be able to leave home for a few days. I originally planed on taking maura, but she had a cold. Given my in law's precarious health, I decided it wasn't wise to bring the gift of germs and so she was left home.
Besides seeing my in laws, I also saw my brother in law and his wife, who are caring for them. We stopped in Indianapolis on the way there and back where my sister-in-law lives. She took us to the downtown mall on one visit and the art museum on the trip home. This is where you can see that I was ODD. Part of an art exhibit and too good to pass up.
I was amazed at just how much Delaney viewed this as torture. Her fairy Godmother tried hard to get her in a good frame of mind, but she looked as if she had a black cloud hanging over her head. She went... but she wasn't happy about it.

Christmas 2008-
After the gifts were opened and dinner was cooked and eaten, the games began. Farkle was the game of choice that night. This Christmas was a transition year. No longer do they believe in Santa. No longer do they ask for toys. They ask for music and clothes. No more stuffed animals.
We knew this would be a tough year for that "now what?" feeling so we bought silly gag toys to make it easier. Maura is having great fun with a finger puppet and her mini bedazller. Delaney enjoyed her mp3 stuffed toy speaker and Tyler seemed to enjoy the flash back to childhood with his Yoshi action figure.
My childhood is remembered as a time extended family got together. My mother was insistant about coming "home" for Christmas. After she passed away, the ties seemed to unravel a bit. We settled into individual celebrations.