Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Pecos Bill-

This is a quick photo of the quilt I made about the American Tall Tale, Pecos Bill. The background is pieced and the images are appliqu'ed. I machine quilted it on my home machine and added Shiva oil sticks for accents as well as some beads, buttons and glitter paint.I wanted the borders to reflect a folk-like style of quilting. Making do with what you have at hand, so more colorful, mixed up colors and patterns and a kind of carelessness in the design.
This quilt shows Pecos Bill riding a twister with ease after he roped it with a rattlesnake. Of course, the only way the twister could escape was to rain itself out from underneath him, thus creating the Grand Canyon.

Kansas City Trip-

We took a trip in space (about 4 hours' drive) and time ( going back about 500 years) and enjoyed ourselves tremendously.
My son is a good sport and danced when asked by a sweet young girl. He's 15 and this summer, had his "growth spurt". I think everyone is taking a second look at him now that he's suddenly, over 6 ft tall. He's got a great attitude about all of it. We had great fun with all the wooden cut outs scattered throughout the town. I think whoever painted them did a great job! We enjoyed some of the special shows going on- like Robin Hood and Little John first meeting. The jousting was fun, even though my DD#1 decided to cheer for the (evil) French knight. DD#2 seemed to enjoy the petting zoo- she's such an animal lover.

We all thought it would be fun to go back next year- in costume!