Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Concert-

Sunday afternoon was the band's Christmas concert. It combined the high school band and jazz band with the 6th grade beginning band. Pictured above is the 6th grade band before the concert began. Delaney is in the second row, center , laughing with her good friend, Carsyn. Delaney has been begging to switch from flute to .... tuba. I think it's a silly idea, Steve thinks it's a dumb instrument but, the band director told her she could try it now, after the christmas concert.

I would have taken a picture of Maura, had she actually played. No, she did play the triangle on one song, but she clearly decided to opt out of this performance. They have an overabundance of percussion particpants and a few enthusiastic members who take over. I know she chose not to fight for a part because it meant she didn't have to work in band too hard but I suggested that if she didn't want to work in band, there were other classes she could take to fill that time. Hopefully, I'll see some effort coming from her. Winter drumline practice is ongoing and that's one reason why they do have so many percussion members. The more the merrier, except at the holiday concert.

It's cold here. It's cold without the fun part-SNOW. We were out of school on Monday because of ice so, we used the day to finally get the Christmas decorations up in the house. Because my arm is still worthless, I had to get the kids to do most of it and we did an abreviated version, while still making the Living area look festive. It's almost exclusively snowmen. I have been working a lot recently, so most of my Christmas gift making is going by the wayside. In fact, most of all my creating is taking a rest along with my arm, so I can hopefully, get back in shape soon. It's frustrating to have ideas for quilts and no time to make them... or trying not to overuse my arm so my rotor cuff tear will heal. I am not sure I'll meet any early deadlines this year, which is sad, because I would like to keep entering the shows.