Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Fish Printing
Here's the results of fish printing at the library reading program this week. I was as joyful as the kids (maybe more so) to be able to do this project. I've been wanting to try this for sometime. It worked great! Of course, the fish we had were beautiful to begin with. They were sunset bluegill. It was difficult to catch them with the heatwave as it is.
Most of the country is suffering through the heat, but we've had 100+ temperatures this week and it's just enough for everyone (even the fish!) to just lay around in the shadiest spot you can find. I am thankful everyday that I now have a dependable car with AC that works!
I've been clearing out some troublesome storage spots in the house. It's a perfect time since my DH is gone for a few weeks on business and I can take my time. I got my 5 bins of dolls consolidated down to three. I'm organizing the shelves and will hit the fabric soon.
Eventually, I hope to do some painting around here too. So, lots of projects and still, a bit of summer left.