Friday, May 27, 2011

My Summer job- Here's a few pictures of the shop I am working at this summer. We sell summer dresses, purses, and inexpensive jewelry and hair accessories. It is outside, but undercover. So far, the weather has been fairly cool, so I'm not sure what it will be like wearing a long dress in the heat, but at least it's not in the sun and we have fans. I am enjoying it so far. It's a busy shop (unless we have storms) and we get a nice cross section of people coming in- not all kids and not all adults. I think it was great planning, putting it near the ride, "lost river" because people often get off soaked then- they can buy a cute little dress to wear. the bathrooms are just across the street, so perfect for changing. Somebody ate their Weaties!

8th Graduation-
Delaney graduated last night from 8th grade. It's a pretty big deal around here and the girls really dress up, the guys often wear suits as well. The HS gym was packed! I found a seat in the nose-bleed section. Tyler and Megan came. Maura was working. I was so proud of Delaney! They decided to change things this year, give out fewer awards here, so the night would be a bit shorter, so I didn't know what it would be like. We knew she would get an award for being in Student council, but beyond that, it was unknown. She received an award for being on the A/B honor roll all year, for having perfect attendance, for being a good roll model in the school (wolf call) and a presidential award (with a certificate and letter from President Obama) After the awards, they handed out graduation certificates and then it was over and the mad crush of people surged out of the gym and into a much smaller room for the reception. It took me a long time to find Delaney, in fact, I waded half way through the room before I turned around and saw Tyler heads above everyone, and saw she was with him. Here's a benefit for him being so tall! After a while the room emptied out enough that you could see and take pictures of Delaney with some of her friends.
There was a dance after the awards and I think Delaney had a blast. The whole class goes to Silver Dollar City today and I am working. I hope all the ones I love come to see me and the ones who bug me stay away. LOL

Delaney and Brooke at 8th grade grad.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Houston entry-
The deadline for the Houston show always sneaks up on me and this year is no exception. I have so much to do at this time of year and this year, I started a new job that is a 40 hr a week one, so suddenly, I have a lot less time to work on quilts. Still, I got it done and I'll finish up my application tonight/ tomorrow and mail it in. Wish me luck!

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Quilt Market- salt lake city
The local company, Ackfeld Wire is going to market and they are using two of my quilts to show off their products at market. I am excited to be part of their display and I'm looking forward to making some more quilts so I can use their products.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Politics for a moment-
So many people have been circulating a statement around that goes somewhat like this: Obama didn't get Osama Bin Laden, the soldiers did. Ok, well, technically that's true. POTUS did not fire the weapon that killed Bin Laden, he just ordered the mission to be done. If we were to extend the same logic we could say that Bush did not send the military into Iraq and Afghanistan- the military just decided to go there and fight- because they just wanted to.
I'm all for supporting the military, don't get me wrong, but there are some people who are so adamant about bashing Obama as a President that they cannot give him credit for any action he takes whatsoever. They would rather believe that the military are acting on their own than accept he had anything to do with this. I call that just petty.
I am so tired of the birthers making an issue about his Birth certificate. He's a natural born citizen- born from his mother, who was a US citizen. Even if he was born overseas somewhere, the fact that his mother was a US citizen, makes him one. If Donald Trump wants to continue to make an issue about it, he should remember that several of his children have foreign born mothers (since he keeps trading his wives in for a later model)
I never thought we should have sent the military into Afghanistan but now that the "reason" is over, let the military action be over as well. Why should the US be fighting a war in a country that, ultimately, our enemy was not found? Someone needs to read a history book and get the heck out of there.
I know those who have family members who served , or are serving in the military in Afghanistan need to have pride in their soldiers and they need to have a reason for all the anxiety and hardship they have endured for this cause. I get it.

Lola got a haircut-
Lola is the first dog I've ever owned that needed to be groomed, so this is a learning curve for us. In some ways, we treat her as a pampered pooch- she cuddles next to us and we are having fun dressing her up. But, otherwise, we want her to be a dog, so that means a nice romp around the yard and neighborhood (on a leash). That means that she gets dirty. She doesn't mind the baths, but she's been pretty squirmy when it comes to trims, so we took her to the pros for a full on haircut. This is a 4 blade and maybe we might want a bit longer hair for the next time. I also asked to leave her top alone so we could pull it back, but they trimmed it instead and then put bows in her ears. Those lasted a couple hours before she lost one and Delaney removed the other. She was adorable while it lasted!