Sunday, November 28, 2010

Post Thanksgiving-
It was a quiet Thanksgiving here. Tyler spent the holiday with Megan and her Dad's family so it was just the 4 of us. Delaney had requested the praline sweet potato casserole and I had her help make it. (She's not an intuitive cook and thinks she's a failure) We had all the favorite things to eat. Steve decided to dress up for dinner and the girls followed suit. I didn't since I was getting the dinner on the table. I guess it was his way of making it an occation. We had rain that turned to ice and snow flurries. That night, Steve fired up the cast iron stove and it got toasty warm.
I can't help but be reminded of the huge gatherings we had when I was a kid and how chaotic and entertaining it all was. I've thought my Mom was a bit psycho when it came to holidays and how "everyone" absolutely HAD to be there no matter what. The lengths I'd gone to be there were incredible and exhausting. I didn't want to ever become that way myself.
So, when Tyler asked if it was ok he go to Meagan's, I didn't argue. When Jane called to report she was having a grand celebration with her BF's family in JOPLIN and couldn't stop to see us over the holiday weekend or when I didn't hear from any of my family members... I still didn't argue or get angry (which can't be said of Steve) because I want people to be free to do what they WANT to do. That includes the Holidays.
Black Friday and Steve woke up at 4:30 am to head to the stores. Maura and Tyler were scheduled later in the day. Delaney and I stayed home. We had thanksgiving dinner part 2 that night. There were some specials at Joann's on Saturday so I headed up there and until about 12, the stores were very quiet. The stores and parkinglots began to fill up , but everyone (except one lady ranting in target) were pleasant. I was increasingly frustrated by what to buy for the kids. Too many times, what they want isn't there. I believe I'll have to make use of cyber Monday.
I drove home, Steve made dinner and then began to work on his pet project- the Projection TV.
I am not sure I want a huge screen hanging out in the room, but it makes him happy. We watched a few things on the big screen last night. It seems to work like he wants it to. Maura and Tyler worked and then Tyler headed back to Megan's to work on homework (spent the night again).
Steve, Delaney and Maura are heading out to Branson soon. I'll be cooking down the turkey carcass into soup stock today and start working on some glass ornaments.