Sunday, September 28, 2008

Today, Tyler had his confirmation at 10:00 Mass along with his class. Our new Bishop visited for the first time for this occasion and equated the ceremony of confirmation to "tattoos, chocolate milk and fire". I, personally, was happy to understand what he was saying and enjoyed his sense of humor. All these kids have gone to PSR together since they began, so it was nice to see them compleate their journey together with a few losses along the way. Some of the boys got a bit creative with the saints' names they chose (such as Erasmus, Aelred and Godric) and I believe Tyler picked a strange one as well, but had a change of heart and chose to be known now as "Patrick Tyler Christopher", which made me sigh in relief. There was a dinner after Mass for the Bishop we all attended and then a dinner for the families this evening. All these kids will be graduating from HS this year and I'm so excited for them to see where their life will take them.
You can tell by Delaney's face she wasn't happy to be wearing a dress. Maura was surprised to be the most colorful of all of us and EVERYONE commented on Tyler actually dressing up for it. Yeah, well, Tyler thinks a polo shirt is dressing up, so we can understand. His suit made him look even taller, so we also got a lot of questions about how tall he was too. (last check, 6'3") It was a good day, all in all, and we missed sharing it with our extended family. We know everyone would have liked to have been here.
So, one down and 2 more to go.

Band Season Begins-
At Webbstock! Webb City's competition. First they performed, then the boosters fed them and we all waited to see if we made the finals before heading home. It was a 2 hour drive there so, turned out to be an all day event. I followed the bus in my car with another mom. It made for a nice trip. We talked all the way there and back.
Next week- Homecomming on Friday and Vallhalla on saturday. Good luck!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hurricane Ike comes to the Ozarks-
We were very lucky. No damage to the house with Ike's high winds and heavy rains. We did have three trees go down in the back yard. They lifted by the roots and fell uphill. I forgot to take pictures until today, while we've been cutting them down. The top picture shows the Cedar tree which is our biggest issue. It's stuck in the neighbor's tree and we don't want it to crash down on their brand new fence. We've sent my son's friend up the tree, cutting off branches, so tomorrow, we can hopefully get it down. In the bottom picture, you can see how the trees lifted out of the ground and fell like dominoes, one over the other, although all that's left are stumps and the roots.
We hope to have some resolution to this tomorrow.

Charity Auction-
I was asked to paint a chair for an auction by Christian Associates to raise money for the playground at the shelter they run for Women and Children. My chair was sponsored by the Masons and they requested their symbol to be on it. I gave them several symbols. Not sure I am supposed to know all of these. I've always thought they were super secret codes for members only, but I spoke with a member who told me what was important, if not why. I hope it is well received tomorrow.