Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Prom came and went-
I think they had a good time. The kids were a bit nervous about getting their pictures taken and anxious to go. I picked them up at the end of Prom and took them to a late breakfast.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Prom dress pt 2-
So, here's our version of the dress. The netting isn't starched yet, so it will stand out a bit more.
But I think, in 1 1/2 days, we did a fine job of it. It is made from Red Taffeta and Black silk.

Prom dress time!
This is a picture of the dress my daughter wanted to get for Prom. Besides the pricetag, the real issue was that she found it online from a shop in the UK which would MAKE it once payment was received. We, of course, didn't have that kind of time.
So, What are sisters for? I called them, had Maura send them this pic and asked, "can it be done?" They said, "sure". My sister in Texas was reluctant to try in a short time and such distance, but my sister from Arkansas met with us friday for a shopping trip and promptly showed up Monday for an all day sewing marathon. We worked from 10 am til midnight, then woke up early Tuesday morning to finish the rest. Basically, she worked on the red and i worked on the Black.The next pic will show a quick picture of the first fitting of all the parts together.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Finally a quilt!

I finally have something to show for myself and that feels good. I haven't compleated a piece since before Christmas, which has sucked. So, I haven't got a good title for this yet, but it's for a charity show with the theme of "home". The size is 12"x12", so small enough to break my block.

I can see this placed in a frame for displaying albums (sold at Michael's).

I printed words on fabric using my computer and then cut it into strips to piece with random other fabrics. I like the idea and I'll think about doing this again. Click on the photo to see it larger.
Whoo Hoo!

Divine Inspiration or Synchronicity?

I don't know about you, But there are times when I have an idea that I'm not quite sure where it came from. These ideas don't seem to have any foundation in my experiences. They seem very random and , like they are strangers rolling into town, I don't trust them.
Here's a link to a talk about this sort of thing given by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Ok, well, There's this other thought of Synchronicity that I do feel more attuned to. This is like the Universe giving you little nudges in a direction and not the full blown "gift" Elizabeth was speaking of. Here's an example of a recent event.

A couple weeks ago, I was watching a movie on Hulu.
Yesterday, I watched this from Slate:

Two very different things, right? But there was a point they were making in the movie, that when focus groups decide what people want to hear on the radio, we get a middle of the road, bland, rehash of the music. What's tolerable for the most people. You lose the very best and innovative.
Ok, then Johnathan Adler said that he was in a unique position since he was a designer who owned his own retail outlets, he could create, produce and sell with no one else's restrictions. He said that often the most personally designed objects, the oddest, most unique were the things that sold well.
It seems to me both the movie and JA were talking about the same concept to me. When we create, it's best to be true to yourself, not try to appeal to the masses, because its our unique point of view that is what's really desired.
There are artists (not designers) who can't wait to find out the color forecasts so they can make art that will fit into the interior decorating for that year. ( lime green is in this year, so I'll make a lime green quilt so it will fit into a newly designed home) Or make couch paintings. Ever notice how on Clean House the art on the walls are generic ones from home dec stores that are mass produced in China? For Gosh sakes, at least the art on your walls should express your tastes!
There are artists who make paintings people buy as souvenirs. In Florida, I called them "sand dune and sea oat " paintings, but they could also be a painting of shells, or dolphins. I don't know home much the artists really loved those subjects, but I'm betting they just knew the subjects were sell able. As a result, they are a dime a dozen.
I think, as artists, we need to create our own vision, stay true to who we are and there will be someone who will buy it.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

It's one of those days when you can see forever...
So why not stop at the Gateway Arch as we go through St Louis?
We may not ever be all together as a family again to do it.
The view from the top looking over the Mississippi River
towards Illinois.

The view from the top looking at the city of St Louis, Missouri.

The view from underneath.

West End Market in Cleveland, OH.
Outside the historic building is an anex of sorts for fresh produce.
Inside the building is a mixture of all sorts of foods

Ethnic foods such as Pierogis ready to be cooked...

Baked goods which tasted as good as they look...

And here my kids are... Not exactly thrilled to be here.
This was a trip dedicated to my mother-in-law who, several years ago, insisted I got to see this market. I was just as ignorant as my own children about the variety of ethnic foods that can be found here and amazed by the sight.