Friday, September 17, 2010

Busy days- I haven't written here since our trip to Austin. School started and I've been sort of busy ever since.
Delaney tried out and made the Volleyball team. Practice is after school every day until 5:30. They've played 2 games so far and won one and lost one. Parents take turn feeding the girls at the home games. Mine was last Thursday. Between the feeding and the games I was at the school for 5 hours. That's kinda amazing. I was happy I didn't work that day.
Today, the school voted for their student Council and Delaney made it.
Maura has been practicing with the band every Thursday night until 8:30. Homecoming is coming soon and she volunteered to do the costumes for the Speech and Debate team. She decided to make several Disney Villians and I think has about 2 more costumes to go (along with some parts) I only step in when asked- like sewing Captain hook's jacket. These are her own vision of the costumes, not a copy, so the jacket is fitted very differently, while still keeping the traditional colors of classic Hook. I feel like I'm a designer's assistant- sewing under direction.
Sunday, we are working the Iron man competition to earn money for the band boosters and it won't be long before marching competition is in full swing.
I've been making things, but not quilts. I guess I'd say I've been puttering with small projects for halloween. Things I've wanted to try doing. I zombie-fied a 12" skeleton. I'd like to try to find a full sized one to do. I think it turned out ok, but I still need to dress it and add hair wisps.
Maura mentioned wanting to knit a hat and, I only know how to do straight knitting. I thought about those round hat making things I gave Louise... and then I found another one at the thrift store, so I bought it. This one came with a tool to help slip the yarn over the pegs and a plastic tapestry needle. I sat down and looked at the instructions again, followed them closely and discovered You really do build the hat from the bottom up and it goes fairly quickly. I made the first one and it looked pretty good. I made a second one tonight in a couple hours. This one I made shorter- more of a decorative hat than one to keep you warm. It looks adorable on Maura BTW. I'll have to keep my eyes open for any interesting yarn for hats now. I think they could be cute embellished too.
I've been playing with small items out of glass for halloween, like ghost earrings and skulls and then ornament sized items. I might try spray painting a branch black and use it as a "halloween tree" inside. I'm not sure when it might be a good time to decorate. Maura says not until October, but that month is getting pretty busy and I'm not sure when we might have time to decorate then. I still need to work on making zombie wounds so we can cast them from latex. They are having another Zombie walk at the Landing.
Work has been kinda odd. Not a great amount of forwarning of jobs. So, I worked 3 days this week and have no jobs for next week yet.
I haven't felt like quilting much. I get a bit depressed hearing about shows (locally) and knowing they are done by a club that's closed to new members. I'm not quite sure what my direction should be at the moment.
One of my favorite Thrift stores moved and got bigger. On one hand, it's nice because they have longer hours now and take credit cards. But the down side is that the prices are higher and, as Delaney put it, it just doesn't feel like "home". I think that had to do with missing the familiar faces of the workers we knew. The last time I was in, however, I did see some of them there and they were having a 50% off sale on clothes, which brought it back to "normal" pricing.
Tomorrow, there's a church having a sale, so I think I'll check it out. Look for yarn and maybe an old book for a project I'm thinking of.