Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Living Room Make over a bit at a time-
We've been working on the LR this summer and I finally got the pictures up on the wall. Not all of them, but at least enough so I feel like it's becoming a home again.

This first picture is The area next to the back door. It's missing the table that will be here (once I get it refinished) but it shows off art by Roy , Jeanette, Keith Haring, Wilfred and Rhee.

This is my "relaxing" corner. I just refinished this dresser and still thinking about what knobs to put on it. Also on my list is a lamp. The art here are etchings by Bob Plummer who passed away a few years ago. I had the idea I might have three here, but it looked better as just the two and the third one is on the other side of the sliding door. That area, along the staircase is not finished so I'm not showing that area yet.

This is the dining room area. Steve bought two new pieces of furniture to go in here instead of the fish/ turtle tank piece he made.It's working better than i ever dreamed! The lower chest holds all my "good" dishes and Christmas dishes and the tall one holds all the kitchen gadgets that I can't store in my kitchen.
We are still going with the concept of family pictures in this area but I think the arrangement is nicer than before. Also, delaney complained about having "old" pictures of them up, so we decided to concentrate on more recent pictures of the kids. Of course, Tyler doesn't get his picture taken, so his is a bit old, but one of my favorites of him. The Print of the house was done by Roy Nolen.
I haven't really decided how to display items exactly. I've been playing around with putting things here and there, but I have a mix of art made by people I love (like Jerry's raku pot), natural elements and antiques.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Projects in Progress-
I started this quilt last summer to commemorate the "summer of the bat" in which we spent a week trying to save a baby bat... and failed. I had a limitied amount of the blue fabric I used for the background of the bat blocks and went on a search to find more. I didn't remember where I bought it. Anyway, I found a fabric that I thought would work and I have to say I'm liking the subtle differences. I'm just making this up as i go along and quite a lot of this is just pinned at this point. When I finish the rows of 9 patches all around, I still want to grow it another 12" wide and 24" long. Still musing about how to do that.
Another project compleated. This stained glass star in a wooden frame. I like how it turned out, especially the wooden frame with the glass. I might try to do more of that sort of thing. I'm thinking my next project might be panels to hang on the tops of some windows in my LR.
But, for now, I've been working on stripping a piece of furniture for my LR and am waiting for it to dry before I bring it up from the garage. Next- refinishing a table. I'm thinking that the base of it is in good shape- I just need to do the top portion. Hopefully, I won't get the stripper all over and have to strip the whole thing.
My garden is starting to produce several tomatoes, cukes are close, squash are dying (dumb vines) and I'm battling japanese beetles on my roses (among other things). We saw a mama deer and two fawns walking in our back yard yesterday. I don't mind them as long as they leave my veggies alone.