Sunday, March 20, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Parade
It seems it's a tradition that it rains on the parade, and this year was no exception, although it was a tad bit warmer than last year. It's a fun parade and reminds me of the Kumquat sashay in Orlando (just a bit.) This was the Zombies and Finer Things Club's second year in the parade, but the group has a rotating membership. Tyler chose to go with Megan to St. Louis but we added new folks. Costumes changed from last year, but still within the general theme.

Maura and her Boyfriend, Branson, enjoyed the parade.
JJ was St Patrick and you can see Maura's friends, holding the banner. Chase was very impressive with his coffin and general dirty zombie look.

We had to wait hours before the awards were given out. Generally, everyone was cold and wet and wanted to go, but eventually, the awards were handed out and the Zombies won 1'st place again in their division. When we walked out the door, it was POURING and thundering. The hearse, with everyone's stuff, was parked about 5 blocks south, my car was 3 blocks north- so we had to trudge 13 blocks in the pouring rain. All plans of going to 1984 afterward was scrapped. We went to a Walmart and so many people came up to them and said how much they enjoyed them in the parade or wanted their picture taken with them. one guy asked Maura to hold his baby for a picture. The baby didn't cry but she clearly thought something was very wrong with Maura. The girls headed for home and I took Maura and Branson for some well- needed dinner. We had soup and hot coffee at Panera. We stopped at the Borders books store and then headed back to Branson, so Branson could get his car and we headed home.
This was the first time I met Branson, so the first I heard of her having a BF, but I like him. So, their facebook status changed last night. LOL


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