Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Life is like...

Life is like a box of Chocolates

   I have to say that the challenges this year have been all over the place. I have had no way to anticipate which way these girls will weave and bob from one challenge to the next. The last challenge of Project Quilting is here. The Theme  was chocolate. I also don't have all week to plan a large piece and knew I had to get in gear on this one.
  I had a couple different ideas but settled on the quote from Forest Gump, "Life is like a box of chocolates". I made a 3 sided box to hold one of my favorite treats, Hershey Drops.
  I picked a fabric that had some shades of brown in it and contrasted it with a black print. I also am a new convert to Cherrywood fabrics. I've entered the challenge this year and had a few leftovers from that project. I've found that it is of an excellent quality to do fairly intricate cuts. I used it for the word, "life".
  I used decorative stitching from my machine and sewed everything down. I sandwiched a stiff pellon interfacing in between to make the box 3-D and a stitched through all layers for the fold lines. I hand stitched the tabs, which would normally be glued using paper, so it became the box.
  I've enjoyed the challenges this time around. I hope to do next year's as well.

Saturday, March 09, 2019

Challenge 10-5 Tsunami

T is for Tsunami
11" x14"

The challenge this week is called Abecedarius. I didn't even know it was a word, but is has to do with the alphabet and more specifically, those alphabet books and art that are "A is for..., B is for..." so I went in that direction.
 I've started back to work so my time available for these last two challenges are cut. I always say I regret being a couch potato on my time off and I always swear I'll do more exercise, but let's be honest, I am never prepared for all the bending and lifting and squats I have to do to set up the store.
   I decided on my subject fairly early in the week but I basically crawled into the house each night and did very little until Saturday. I loved the book, "P is for Pterodactyl" because it focuses on all the words that start with a silent letter. Wicked funny in my oppinion.  I decided to do T is for Tsunami. 
  Fabrics and techniques-  I used a gray sky fabric and the lovely Van Gogh print I've enjoyed so very much. I cut the letters 3 times before I liked the color and lettering choice. Pops of color with the red roofs of half submerged houses and the tiny boat. The spray of the wave was done with fusible angelina fiber. 
  I've used angelina fibers a few times for water, especially sprays and splashes. It is very delicate and I've used it on quilts that have travelled, but I've also had it get ripped by someone not taking good care of the piece, so be cautious on where and how the piece will be exhibited. Still, I love the effect it gives. I used to use parchment paper to fuse it (do not ever iron it directly or you will be cleaning your iron!)  but now I use the teflon sheets and it works great as well as being reusable. 
  I'm glad I got this one finished in time.