Thursday, February 21, 2019

10-4 Pixelated Groot

I am Groot!
18.5 x 40.5
The Project Quilting challenge this week was "pixel play". 
I am not a big fan of Pixelated quilts and never really wanted to make one. But, I'm not one to give up on a challenge so I looked at options until I found a Groot image. 
I like Groot and I sure hope he comes back (somehow) in this latest movie my husband is looking forward to so much. I decided to get my nerd on. 
That was my last good decision on this piece. It's been a series of unfortunate choices from the very beginning. 
  • I chose to make it too small.
  • I chose the wrong interfacing.
  • That prompted a different decision in construction which was really wrong.
  • The fabric kept fraying (bad choice)
  • I kept trying to make it work and it got worse and worse. 
  • At a certain point, I felt it was a lost cause and didn't want to waste any more "good" fabric to the cause. 
  • I had a colonoscopy in the middle and lost time ( two days) working on this piece. I honestly think it wouldn't have helped it, but it made it impossible for me to start over. 
  • I like the image and will probably try it again sometime.
  • I will use better interfacing and bigger squares.
  • I will use better fabric.
But for now...
  • I will forgive myself for doing such a crappy job on this. 
  • I will take what I've learned and carry on.
  • I will see this as an aberration to my larger body of work.
  • Failure can teach too.

Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Hawaiian dolphin pillow-PQ 10-3

Project Quilting 10-3

This week's challenge was, "bigger than a breadbox" and required that the entry be at least 16" x 8'. I decided to make a pillow and the dimentions are 17.5 x 17.5.

My local guild is gearing up for a "quilt day" which is a themed gathering of several local guilds (hosted by ours). The Theme is Hawaiian Tropical. I didn't see any reason why I couldn't make something for both this challenge and the quilt day later. 
I've just returned from Florida and felt like it would be a good way to remember an interesting day there, visiting the dolphins.
I've not made any Hawaiian quilts before, but I thought I'd give it a go. 

I looked at Pinterest and found a pattern by Stacy Michell called "Dancing Dolphins". It is made for a die cut, but I just cut it out by hand, since I'm not planning on making several of these. 
I used some batik fabrics I had and followed a technique of fusing a light underfacing to the back before doing a tiny satin stitch over the raw edges. I found it to be very helpful in stabalizing the edges and allowing the stitches to sit on top rather than sink into the backing. It's a new to me technique I will use again. 
The pillow back is a simple envelope closing. I've not made any pillows before, but this was a good project for me to try a design and techniques I'm not familiar with.