Sunday, May 06, 2018

This week

  Thursday, I watched a man die. It was pouring down rain and I held my umbrella over the man as someone did CPR until first aid arrived. It was too late, despite all their efforts. ( Everyone worked with great effort to change the outcome.)  I don't know his name or where he was from or if he was in bad health, or if this was a complete shock to his family. I'm having trouble getting his face out of my mind.
  Friday, I held a beautiful baby boy. I don't know where the family was from and their ethnicity could be anything: Middle Eastern, Hispanic, Pakistani, South American, American Indian, or any combination of the aforementioned. He seemed happy to have me hold him and he loved all the pins on my name tag. Same as any other baby in the world. there's a comfort to that.
  A former student stopped by and she has two absolutely gorgeous babies and carrying her third. I have no doubt this one will be beautiful as well. I hope I'll hold that one too.
 I also found out my daughter became a meme. I'm not sure what that means, except that thousands of people have seen her in a photo, but then, thousands had already seen the photo and comments both good and bad upon it. It's been 8 or 9 years since the photo was taken and it remains active on the internet. Nothing goes away online.
  A coworker has pet chickens and doesn't much care about the eggs. I told her I'd take eggs. She brought in 4 dozen. I brought home two dozen.  As she loves a variety of types of chickens, the eggs were a lovely variety of shades of brown that look lovely in my egg basket on the counter.
 Saturday, the park had record attendance. Regardless of the fact that Marketing has something to answer for, I believe it all went really smoothly. I'm pleased that I had good sales and didn't have to hit the backup stock I've painted for busy days. I got to spend some time with my co-painter as we overlapped a couple hours. She paints roses with minimal effort. I'm so jealous. Since I went home earlier than most of my coworkers, I felt bad, so I made a cake. I used some of those gorgeous eggs.
The dogs went out. One refused to come in. I went to bed and woke up at 3 am. She wanted to come in then.
  Sunday the cake was a hit. The beautiful baby boy was back and I got to hold him again. He loved my pins again. ACES, the roller-coaster enthusiasts club was back and they love the new coaster. It was a much quieter day at work as most Sundays are. I got to visit with the guests more,  be more helpful around the store in general and let my drawing arm/ hand recuperate after all it's hard work Saturday. 
  I get to visit with some quilters tomorrow and finish putting my garden in and catch up with chore around here.