Monday, January 18, 2016

welcome to the small time

  I recently read an article written about those artists who are considered the up and coming, hot new, most promising new (pick your descriptors) artists who are getting the most attention and gallery shows. Quite a few of them come from very wealthy families, some others come from families that at least one parent is fairly high in a corporation (or a doctor, lawyer) and a small number have come from abject poverty, coming to fame by alternative art means.
  Many of the more successful quilters I observe are enjoying it as a second career, either their own or spending years as the supportive homemaker for their successful spouse. They travel, They have disposable income. They are taking this time to step out from behind the curtain and do what they want and what they want is to be creative.
  I don't know what to think about all of this, personally. It feels a bit like the entire game has been rigged for my failure and I'm the last to catch on. It's a bit depressing really, except that, as odd as it may sound and seem, I technically am making a wage being an artist. It might not be fine art, but it's a lot better than when I worked slicing baloney in that I get to draw everyday and not slice baloney.
  I still get a chance to make my own art and I suppose I'm the one that puts pressure on myself for it to be art that is sellable. There are times when I flip flop about being more soulful and deliberate in my creations and then times when outside timelines influence my work.
  I have spent my first week (ish) from work almost scattershooting my approach to art. I've started on one quilt, 2 collages, one painting and two sculptures. None of them are what I want them to be (except learning curves) and so I am telling myself to slow down, pay attention and make something that speaks from me.

Saturday, January 09, 2016

January 2016

  What  a treat to have a few days break between the park being open and the beginning of inventory. What's even better, I didn't have to stay beyond counting this year. That's exciting because I am always anxiously waiting to allow my creative self full reign.
 Happy New Year! My mind is a bit scattered with all th different ideas floating around and I try hard to harness them in a logical system.
  First on my schedule was finishing a gift I'm behind on. I'm happy that I'm on track but struggling with the WWI hat. As I've been trying to construct it, I've been thinking about my Grandfather's helmet that my grandmother turned into a flowerpot and wondering if, when the relatives tore down the house, if they kept that or not, or even knew what it was.
 Secondly, I want to do a quilt for E pluribus Unum III. I've struggled with the concept for some time, but now I have it. It requires printing on fabric and my printer was NOT playing nice. It refused to align, then it refused to recognize my ink all together. Somewhere before the non- recognition, the paper started jamming.  In the end, I had to call my trusty techie guy in (dear Steve) and he pronounced it dead. We went on to discuss how often I use it, vs how long it sits, do we really need 2 printers, etc...
 The end solution was to replace mine AND his with one that would work for both our needs. It sits in his office now, but, apparently, it doesn't play nice with our wireless system. It's a bit of weirdness that needs dealt with, but he's on a business trip now, so I just have to muddle through.
 It's frustrating when the technology you want to use, let's you down at crunch time.
  I'm also painting layers of gesso on masonite pieces, getting ready for more exploration of a 3-D project. This in kinda tedious, painting several layers in prep of the fun stuff.
  I also want to try a painting idea.
  My storage areas are a wreck and I spent today trying to start organizing it. I have different sorts of fabric to store and different sizes. It seems that the fabric just multiplies. SO- my plan is to take all the middle sized pieces and just cut as many 5" squares from them as I can. Then, it will be ready to use in a traditional pieced scrappy quilt.
I spent quite a bit of time today ironing and cutting while I watched Amazon Prime on my laptop.
I still have a long way to go downstairs and still need a better place to store some bigger pieces of fabric.
  Artists are pack rats of sorts... especially when they (like me) dabble in several areas. I try to keep things organized in bins with like things. (All the stamping and inks etc.. in one bin) but there's just so many things. Ribbon in one place, laces in another. Wood objects, buttons, bottle caps, beads. Sculpting tools, clay glazes and cones, candle making, soap making, paper, fabric, and on and on. Nostalgia rears its head. Button pins and boxes of cards, travel brochures and ribbons. Pins and small toys. Papers and notebooks filled with potential ideas and photos, lots of photos.
 It's all so so FULL of potential !