Monday, November 16, 2015


Feeling frustrated today. I attended the guild meeting today and all sorts of things frustrated me.
  I recall the years it was hard to persuade someone to volunteer for something, so it was relatively easy to sit through the official nominating and accepting the nominated persons to run the guild.
  They had the artist of the month challenge. The theme was, " fine crafts". Ok, so I have a problem with their themes every month and I grew tired of them long ago. They are SO specific and not at all open to interpretation, imagination or thoughtfulness and, therefore, you get the same results.
  But THIS one, felt a bit insulting. There are plenty in the guild who choose, as their medium, fine crafts. But, this challenge was like the other artists are playing in someone else's sandbox and saying it's theirs. "look at how versatile I am! Look at how many mediums I can be wonderful in!" I guess I can try to see the side of someone being given permission to try art in a different medium with this challenge. (trying to be fair)
  So the next year's officers are elected and so I approached the person who is in charge of the themes with a list of suggestions. I said the themes are so literal there's no interpretation. She was immediately defensive. "I tell people not to be so literal" and "You don't know what themes I have planned, you might be surprised". Uh, ok. Don't give me the common courtesy of looking at my list, or saying it was nice or thoughtful of me to make it. Nope.
  I will be surprised if it's anything vastly different from this year's themes (or the 20 years in the past) which were: 1) your latest work 2) miniature work 3) shiny objects 4) Masters or Mentors( a challenge that's been going on for years)  5) shadows 6) wildlife (no pets) 7) pandora's box (a challenge that's been going on at least 15 years) 8) collage 9)still life 10) Black and white and 11) fine crafts.
 Call me crazy, but how much interpretation can you give on these subjects? My list Had things like, Rituals, Lost things, experiments, beneath the surface, exquisite moment, and so on.   It doesn't have to be MY list. It just should be something more open to interpretation.
  Then the special guest who was asking for nebulous help without a clear plan or any idea what she was asking, just sort of toss the ball to us to figure it out. Of course, someone suggested we have a person from the guild as a clearing house for the project, so it can arrive on her desk marked done. Why is she not going to her OWN people and sources first? She doesn't know what she has available to her already, but she's asking for outside help. As I mentioned, I was frustrated.