Thursday, October 02, 2014

Homecoming Parade

 It's time for the Homecoming parade again. Funny how my kids don't really care about being the princess or on the court, no, they are all about the costumes for the parade. So it goes with my youngest following the Disney theme and dressing as Rapunzel (or as Tangled princess)
 Sure, it would be so much more effective if these photos were actually AT the parade, but, apparently, I'm indispensable at work tomorrow (ie. they forgot to try to find someone to cover for me) so I can't be there.
 Pardon me but is that a tiny bit of Mom guilt I feel creeping in?
Anyway, I made the dress and it was a nightmare. I really hate sewing cheep satin! I actually witnessed the pins slide out of place as I sewed. Not to mention the lame overskirt which just added more to the slip and slide action. Oh, what a terrible, terrible chore it was. But.. for a good cause because she's happy with the outcome (or is my most diplomatic child to say she is happy with it). She was also quite forgiving about me not being there and quite accommodating to put this all on tonight and let me take photos of her so we can see her.