Thursday, September 18, 2014

pictures of Delaney

 Ah! The last of my kids is a senior in High school this year and we are going to try to capture all her special days this year beginning with some "home made" senior pictures.
 It was clear to both of us that we need to study up on some good ideas for poses and such.
 The day was overcast and gave us some general good lighting without shadows, but not the dramatic sunset I was hoping for. Eh, maybe another day. These are a couple of my favorites from the day.

Monday, September 15, 2014

moon on the Lake

 Another Super moon and I walked down to the Lake to see what happened.
A small wave from a passing fishing boat gives our lake some small waves, breaking up the moon's reflection.
The clouds came and went over the moon, then the moon popped out above and it looks as if the moon is resting on them.

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Playing around with Painting

 Freeda, a co worker, lost her house earlier this year. At first, there's the immediate concern of building a new place and getting the things she had to have. But then, there's all the smaller things, that she regrets losing. A thousand little things, from kitchen tools she had from her mother to the celebrations from work (silver dollar plaques, pins and such) and then there was the recent problem, she had paintings from a former  parasol painter that were lost. I never knew this woman, but, apparently, she was amazing. She did tons of different types of art, but mainly, painting.
And then Freeda asked me to do something because her walls are so bare and she has some nice new red curtains.
Ok, so the thing I am absolutely worst at is painting. I was never really taught about painting, at least old style painting, despite having a painting class in college. I really don't do scenery, although I like nature very much. I like small bits of nature and caves. There's a lot of styles I'd like to try, but I am pretty sure Freeda wants old style stuff, you know, where things look like real stuff. I don't really know what she wants, but I had some old canvases from Iva's Move that already had gesso in a pattern and I decided to play with an old masters style.
  It's something I'm intrigued about, doing a under painting in acrylics (old masters used Tempera) and then follow it up with oil washes. I started with a black canvas and painted my scene in black and white acrylics. It was just made up as I went along, having no real idea of what Freeda wants (other than some red). I'm on the fence about it. On one hand, not to bad given the fact that 1. I'm not a painter and 2. I haven't done any real artwork since January and 3. It was a quilt not a painting.
  The last time I painted was some time last year (summer maybe?) On the other hand, parts look muddy, Delaney said it was too dark and I was just making it all up anyway.
  I feel bad because I know Freeda want a beautiful house again.
Thankfully, Life works in mysterious ways. I just got a call from a friend I haven't seen (or chatted with) in months and, during the conversation, I told her about my problem. She's a much better painter than I am and I thought she could help me out. Turns out, she has a friend who just went to a nursing home who was a prolific painter and she has "lots" of her work waiting for a good home. It sounds just perfect for both our problems. I'm meeting next week for the transfer. Perfect timing!