Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Kansas City trip

 Maura had to go to a meeting at school, so, because we get into World's of Fun for free and we have never been there, we decided to go up on Thursday, spend the night and come back after the meeting on Friday. It was hot. Not a lot going on, since it's so close to the end of the season. I saw snoopy after we got of a crazy spinning ride.
 Maura wanted to pose on a gorilla, not sure why, but it was something to do.
 She made jokes about "driving Miss Daisy" and texting while driving, but honestly, she did drive worse texting.
 While she was at the meeting, I finally got to the Farmer's Market downtown. It was kinda spotty with produce, quite a lot of it was imported from elsewhere. What happened to farmers bring what they grow to the farmer's market? I enjoyed a shop filled with Japanese things.
 I picked Maura up and we went to the WWI museum. It's near Union Station and pretty much the highest spot in the city. There's a tower you can go up in for a panoramic view of the city. So, the farmer's market was somewhere beyond those tall buildings in the distance, you can see Union Station in the foreground.
 There's so much inside the museum, but I quickly became interested in appreciating the artifacts as history and just how artistic the things were. I was especially interested in how the Americans transformed artifacts once the war was over. My grandma painted my grandpa's hat orange and hung it in the tree outside their house as a planter. These examples go beyond that and transform them, especially the mortar casings.
W got back on th road, stopped at Osceola for Cheese and headed the rest of the way home. In general, I found the drive stressful so I'm thankful that I do not have to take her to College this week.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Super Moon

The super moon was last night and I took a few pictures
 The clouds were coming in, so I doubt I can see any meteors later.
some really interesting shapes and effects here