Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Review 2013

  I've found that a good way to see what was important to you is to put your thoughts into Wordle and make a visual word map of what you actually wrote over the year. In some cases, it can be illuminating. The first is from emails, the second from my blog here.
 I can see that, in my emails, I'm much more focused on Making quilt art, in my blog, Year and Weird stands out to me.
Food for thought.

Friday, December 20, 2013

  A friend sent me a card that said, "It's been a weird year" and maybe they were expressing the workplace, but it's not a bad start to my Christmas letter.
  It was a weird year for me at work. The parasols were late getting in and that put me in a place to fill in as needed. It seemed like I tried my hand at every job in the place, from caramel apples, to package pick-up and we all had to adjust to absentee management and shifting control above. I saw a bit of "office politics" that were barely veiled and quite humorous in the fact that I could hardly wait to get to my own little corner in my own little chair and paint parasols- period.
  It was a weird year for me art-wise as well. This job, while not exactly challenging artistically, does take the mark making urge away. I find myself less driven to make art after drawing all day. As a result, I only made one piece the whole year and it went to the "what's for Dinner?" exhibit in Houston. At the same time, I've been struggling to find a way to advance my art in a meaningful way. Last year's experiment of joining the local guild was not exactly successful. It did make it clear that my biggest struggle is being social. I am more interested in being around those who are serious about their art and want to advance it. I'm not really a party game sort of person.
  So, I'm going to try being part of Best of Missouri Hands, and the jurying process is in January. While I don't really want to do the craft circuit, I'm hoping there are other opportunities for me there.
  My oldest brother died this year. It was quick and a bit unexpected but that does suit him. It put me on notice that , after grandparents and parents pass, the next in line are siblings.
  The kids are growing up and, while I find myself perplexed with their choices, they are basically self- sufficient and I'm happy with the job I did getting them here. I'm ready to let go and guide if needed.
  I'd like to set some goals for next year, but I guess the biggest one is already set, so I'll have to think about the others.