Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fabric Storage

I read on Facebook about using your rotary cutter ruler to fold fabric and thought I'd give it a try.
This is where I store the majority of my cotton fabrics. As you can see, everything fits quite nicely in the storage units.
 My ruler is 5 inches wide and I wrapped my yardage around it then slipped it off and folded it in half. I was able to fit two stacks on each shelf.
  Previously, I had the fabric folded (and then shoved) into it. After folding, I had three empty shelves and could put additional fabric from a large plastic bin and I still had a shelf left over (see bottom left) for some very large cuts (over 4 yards each).
In general, the fabric cuts here range from 1/2 yard to 2 yards and as you can see each piece is clearly visible so I can choose what I need to use for any given project.
I'm calling this a success- an amazing success really.
  I'd like to try using a smaller ruler and do this with all my smaller cuts (fat quarters) to clean up where those are stored.
I'll try to get a before picture with those.

Saturday, May 04, 2013

a Trip to Alabama

 Have you ever seen this book? It's a children's story about when relatives that live far away come to visit and all the things that happen. Good things. Family things.
I recently went to Alabama with my daughter, Delaney, and my sister, Ann.
 We went to visit my brother, Ernest and his wife, Fran.
You can probably tell why we went to visit from our photo here.
There were others there, coming from far and wide (Arizona, Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, Florida, and Michigan so far) and joined in with those who lived nearby to make for a great big family reunion on a rotating basis.
 Surprise encounters, opportunities you never had before- like Delaney petting her first horse.
 Generations and cousins connecting on new levels while doing what needed to be done.
 Seeing what brings others comfort, joy, purpose of life, and thinking about what feeds one's souls.
 The chaos of family gatherings with 3 generations and the rare opportunity to meet those who were so young the last time you saw them growing into interesting people.
 Finding quiet corners to reconnect
The opportunity to have your moment with the one you love so deeply to share what's in your heart.
There's the moments when you reminisce about your shared history, laugh about silly things that mean so much to your family lore. How Ernest got his nickname "JoJo", stories about sharing rooms, sharing chores, sharing hardships while the next two generations listen on. Connecting on new levels- Who are lefties? Who are the babies of the family? Connections upon connections. The gift of family.