Wednesday, March 13, 2013

outlaw run

 Yeah- We rode it! I picked Delaney up from Track Practice and we headed over to see the hoopla.
 We watched all the press ride and film, VIP's from the community and shows like the Haygoods and OMG yes- that was Greg Brady! The CEO of the company, the founding family (the hershends) and the like. (yeah, the Hershends rode it!)
 Gage was on Hand to serve drinks to the press.
 Finally, it was our turn. Delaney rode it twice.
 Here's Hannah in her nifty ride outfit.
The last turn before you come into the station again. It's a humdinger.
My review?
I have been dreading that first drop and I thought I'd be fine after that.
The climb is faster than I thought it would be- not  a great one for heights, so I didn't look, but I bet it's a great view. I had my eyes closed for the drop. It felt great though a LOT of air time. After that, it's a wild ride of twists and turns zigging and zagging and more air time in places. Really, it takes your breath away. When you come into the station, you are just done with that twist, so everyone is still a bit breathless with smiles on their faces. Unlike Wildfire, which leaves me a bit dizzy and I need that slow entrance to the station, I was fine on this one.
I would do it again and be pretty happy to do so.

Mountain View

 Delaney and I decided we needed to do something on Spring break. I start work on Friday and Delaney had track practice almost all week, so we went on Sunday and came back Monday.
Not the best time of year for a trip nor the best days of the week for one either.
 It was raining on Sunday and we got a slower start to the trip deciding exactly which direction we were heading in. But we decided south east and got on the road. We stopped at the Buffalo National River. The usually clear river was quite muddy from all the rain we had. Still, For us who are used to seeing rough rocks, it was cool seeing some that were smooth from the river.
On Monday, we drove to Batesville to check out this fabric store. Honestly, $1.99- $4.99 cotton fabrics. If i was anywhere in that area again, I'd stop there. I'm not sure I would plan a trip just for this.
 We stayed in Mountain View, ar and just missed a bluegrass festival. The Folk center wasn't open for the year yet and I couldn't convince Delaney to go to Blanchard Caverns (an excellent one!) so, she decided she would do the Loco ropes.
It was still cold and we were short on time so she did one course. (there are three) and some looked very challenging to me! We did some shopping in town. Again, not the best time of year or week for this. Several of the more interesting shops were closed on Monday and the weekends are the most popular with picking on the square. Still we did find someone in on of the shops practicing his dulcimer for an upcoming concert in the cavern (yes, IN it) on St Pat's day.
I happened to mention that I had to be back in Branson in time for my dulcimer class. LOL
 My class ended up being moved because the church secretary didn't show up. It worked out better for me because my dulcimer needs some repair and I could drop it off right in the shop. I'm needing to practice my pieces a lot more now- I didn't get the strum right. But, Honestly, I'm a bit bored with the song selection. Two church songs and an obscure fiddle tune every month. Sigh.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Southwest comes to Branson

 A celebration at the Branson Airport welcoming Southwest airlines. All the VIPs were there..
Like our Representive, the illusive Billy Long. Former Auctioneer turned Politician.
 Plenty of entertainers. You might remember this guy from Americas got talent and his "talking" dogs. He got voted off for not being edgy (a bad thing around here)
 Of course we have ELVIS.
 The Cleverlys who were pretty darned funny singing a Lady Gaga song Bluegrass style.
 The Hershends - who own Silver Dollar City (or did before it went Corporate but are still a big part of it I think- I'm a bit fuzzy on the company structure Honestly)
 SIX an acapella group
 OOH! here comes the first flight of Southwest.
 A bit out of order here, but every airplane gets the "Branson wave" from the ground crew so this is them starting to line up to wave goodbye to the first flight that reloaded and departed (rather quickly)
Oh, This is the terminal you see as you deplane. 

And this is the view of Branson from the airport. Far, far in the distance
You can just make out some of the town. More of it is to the right and the lake is to the left out of sight, but pretty cool when you fly over it.
I think this airport is the largest privately owned one in the country. It is located south of Branson/ Hollister off 65 about 6 miles on a pretty scary road (not gonna lie) that winds around some development that centers around golf.