Friday, February 01, 2013

In the works

I've been working this week on this quilt for the art quilting subgroup and perhaps to enter in a show later. I'm trying some new (to me) techniques and enjoying the process.
Unlike the previous challenge- this one starts in the right place for me- namely, the concept comes before technique.
Picking what kinds of food to depict and then how and from what fabrics has all been fun. I struggled with looking through my (not tiny) stash for the perfect potato fabric and ended up taking a potato with me to shop for the right fabric. I also copied real newspapers for the newsprint background. I'm enjoying the black outlines but mainly this piece is about composition. I'm enjoying this for awhile until I sew it down. I'll see what might jump out at me while I study it.
  I'm debating adding a drink (at what angle and should it be a beer or a solo cup) It's still a work in progress.