Sunday, November 04, 2012

While everyone else...

 Just like the rest of the world, we just celebrated Delaney's Birthday (she turned 16) and Halloween, but here's where the path diverges.

Sunset on October 29, 2012
 Trunk or Treat at the Primary school that same night
Christmas began last night at Silver Dollar City. There were quite a few people out and about, enjoying the first look at Christmas this year at the park. The weather was mild, the sky was clear and people came out to see the new shows, the new foods and the new decorations to buy. 
As always, we are ready to make a little girls dreams come true and draw whatever they want on a parasol. Yesterday, I had the mostly standard requests for princess crowns, but sold a few frogs and dogs and a specially made fairy.
 Every day I get a new story of how a name came to be:
 Tonight's story was about a midwest couple who loved NCIS and tweeked a character's name into
"Xievah". At some point, I want to do a blog just about the names I see.
  Speaking of blogs, the other week, I had a mother/ daughter duo who wanted parasols for their American Girl dolls. They were both adults and speaking as if their dolls were real people. The daughter had hers with her and was taking pictures of the doll around the park for her blog. 
Now I'm curious about her blog.