Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Maura was interviewed yesterday by aol/Huffington post about her dress. Here are the screen captures. I woke up this morning by her talking on the phone. A radio show in NC was interviewing her. Followed by one from Springfield and maybe another one from Iowa, but they are cutting it close to her being able to talk since she's in school now. Her dream is to be on Ellen.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Proud Parents and Maura
She's looking lovely!
Front view
Back view
After making the cardboard boat for the race this summer, Maura decided to use the rest of the cardboard she had saved to make her prom dress. She spent a lot of time in the garage experimenting with different construction methods and was still tweeking the design right up to the last hours before Prom. There was a moment of dispair and she almost gave up, but I'm most proud of her that she didn't.
Maura used cardboard for the top and grocery bags (thanks Country Mart!) for the skirt. She used spray paint and glitter (even some glow in the dark glitter!) mixed with glue for the transformation. There's grommets in the top and paper ribbon lacing (thanks Wilfred for sending that to me from Finland) and a zipper in the skirt.
So ends the creative prom dress saga and it is with mixed feelings that I know that Delaney will want store bought dresses when the time comes. Over the years, we (as a family) have taken on the creative projects of Maura's teeming brain and supported her in every way we could to make it a success. From the first Gothic Lolita dress with a combination of 2 patterns and a 2 daysewing marathon (thanks Aunt Ann!) to compleate it, to the Dorito bag dress (and the beginning of the truly creative endeavors) with Dad standing up to the school and insisting they give her a chance and then the sophisticated Poptab dress with Aunt Louise spending her vacation to be part of the madness and on to the cardboard dress, perhaps the hardest of them all and one that Maura took on the challenge on her own. She almost gave up and I am most proud of her that she didn't. Her friends supported her with "you can do it!" and she came back and did.

Saturday, April 07, 2012

First Track Meet Last run of the night, the Thrower's relay.
Delaney found out she was running this 15 mins. before she ran it.
They Won.
Yeah, She's pretty happy.
Throwing Shot. Not so happy I'm taking pictures though.

Happy Easter!Interesting roots
Blooming Pink Dogwoods
Squirrel enjoying the view
Quite the view
Dandlions in full fluff