Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Has Sprung!

Jill welcomes you to the park and takes your picture!
The front Porch players are tuning up and ready to sing in an informal setting
The flowers are blooming!
I love the colors in this picture. So spring-like and goes along with the redbuds and dogwoods blooming in the woods.
It's been raining for 3 days now and we are a bit waterlogged.
I ordered two trees last night from Stark Bros.
One was a peach tree that (eventually) will have fruit by the 4th of July. The other is a 2 in 1 apple tree. I really wanted an Arkansas Black tree but I just couldn't justify the need for 2 trees (for polination) in our limited space. I settled for the 2 in1 to get the polination in one tree. Should I put the peach in the front yard and the apple in the back? I'm really excited to have trees that produce smething. Not only will we have the flowers in the Spring and the foilage, but fruit as well!
I hope it stops raining long enough for us to plant the trees when they come in.
Time for me to get my dresses washed for next week and ready to paint parasols this next week.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Celebrating Tyler's 21 st!
Oh, you know Tyler doesn't ask for much. Just socks because he couldn't find any in his room.
We got him a few other things besides socks (mostly toys).

The kids went out to play with his new captain America shield (which doubles as a frisbee) and eventually, it landed on the roof across the street. Steve and I were on the deck enjoying the evening and could NOT believe the comedy of errors that was happening over there. Eventually, we both got our cameras to record the craziness. This is the final shot of their success, but at some point, Maura was on Tyler's shoulders, Tyler was standing on Delaney's back and sticks were involved- until they finally decided to get the ladder.
Who says there's no such thing as cheap entertainment?
Then, our reluctant drinker. It seemed like he should finally drink something on his 21st Birthday. We started with a Margarita. Nope- "tastes like salt water"
Then a strawberry daquri , "tastes ok" but there's a image problem with Tyler ordering a daquri in a bar. Steve went and bought some captain Morgan and coke. He tried it but wasn't a fan.
Honestly, I guess he doesn't go out socially so it doesn't matter if he drinks or not.
(wait til he tries beer!)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Did I share this?
This is Lola and Roxie napping. Roxie is the new addition to the family and she's Lola's best friend. Lola has the sweetest personality and is so gentle, sometimes Roxie's spitfire personality makes her a bit overpowering- but the size difference equals it all out. How did we get another dog? Ah, well, that's Delaney for you. She swears she has nothing to do with it, but she's always on the look out for a new pet.
It crossed my mind that she was the one who prompted the search for Psyche at the animal shelter. She's the one who begged for Bob at the cat show (where the 4-h was volunteering) and she definately was the one that prompted the search for a replacement dog after Babe passed.
That's what had us looking for Lola and now- Rosie's story-
Steve and Delaney went to Branson. One the way, I think delaney saw puppies outside Wal-mart. Then, as they drove past the rescue in Branson, Steve suggested they stop and look. I get a call about a dog and the next thing I know, they put money down to hold her and I went in the next day to see her. She was small and sweet, but very distracted. I don't think she ever actually looked at me the whle time. Anyway, it was about a week before we got her- they insisted on having her fixed before we got her- and it was a love fest between Lola and Roxie from the first day. Roxie pays no attention to the cats and the cats don't seem to mind her either. She has not had the fence collar on yet but will any day now.
Other than the day Tyler let the dogs out when the power was off and they ran away- they've been good about going on walks on the leashes and staying in the backyard.
I think we are out of our minds to have 4 pets and 5 people in this house.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Leap day storm damage 2012
Getting excited for the season to begin-
Today we had our official welcome back meeting- first with several groups and then with the merchandise dept. We got our parking passes back and the new sticker for our ID cards -2012. It was fun to get an overview of the company and the new things coming to our park in particular.
I've already been back to work for a week and a half, working on the shop getting the new merchadise in and shelved- things re-aranged and so on. We still have quite a bit to do and time is getting short. Today I filled the umbrella racks and tomorrow I'll check on paint colors and- away we go!
I don't know how much help I've been this year (my first) opening. I have just done whatever seems to be needed to be done at any given time and tried not to be dumb (although I had my moments) I can honestly say I've felt like I worked hard every day.
I feel good that the park was spared any damage from the tornado. I didn't realize the quilt shop in Branson was smashed until today. I'm sad about that. Happy that The park will be having a quilt shop again and that the Quilted Cow has expanded into the florist shop and will have longarm quilters on site as well. It's jut that the Branson quilt shop was very well stocked and has been there forever. It's sad to think all that fabric is laying under a pile of roof and rubble and that rain is coming tonight. Ouch! It's in a part of 76 that is particularly hard to get to by other routes and I don't think you can drive there for now.
Anyway, I continue to be thankful the tornado missed us by one cove and we are definately buying a weather radio! One thing this taught me was that the people most affected by the storms are the last ones to know anything about the scope of the damage. When you wake up with no power after sleeping though any warnings, you can't get any news about what happened, can't see pictures, can't really tell anyone you're ok. (thank goodness for cell phones and that the towers weren't damaged!)