Tuesday, January 17, 2012

second week off work-
I am enjoying my time off so far by attacking some of the things I've put off.
One- I cleaned my creative space and became friends again with projects I've set aside (otherwise known as UFO's). In becoming friends, I've prioritized which ones to work on first. First up was some orphan stars I found in a thrift store several years ago. I sewed them to backing blocks and then, in keeping with their age, I used some reproduction 30's-40's prints to finish them up. Second up was my "summer of the bat" quilt I stared. I'm actually adding a 5 inch border around what I had and calling it done.
Two- in keeping with a general concept of socializing more, I attended a quilt guild meeting in town. It was fairly close to what I expected and made contact with a longarm quilter which I've seen around before. I handed over a quilt top I finished with fabrics from Quilt Market and we'll see how that goes. The Quilt was based on Modern quilting so it was quick and I think will be good for my son. I was quickly approached to give a talk about my quilting and possibly lessons. That fits in with my general interest these days of how to share what I've learned.
Three- I've spent several hours with my new family tree maker program and Ancestry.com. I've found several people using their "leaf" and now I'm down to making the harder connections.
I can't say I've had any true surprises but it's always interesting to see where you come from and imagine what life was like at different times in different locations. You'd think that I would have run into someone famous by now. LOL I read an account of a distant uncle which described how his father (my distant grandfather) developed the farm from raw land. Basically, he was the first white settler on that land.
Four- I'm moving ahead on my dental work. I imagine one more appt and the procedure will be scheduled. Trying hard not to think too much about it other than wanting the worst to be over when I go back to work.
Five- I've been cooking dinners more now and I finally tried making Risotto. I know, not a huge thing, but the rice to make it just showed up in our stores around here, and, honestly, I wanted to see what Chef Ramsey was always yelling about. Just how hard is it to make the stuff? Turns out, it's pretty easy, but takes a bit of watchful time cooking. I made mine with onions and regular button mushrooms, but I guess you could get pretty creative with it. It's even good warmed up and I had it for dinner a second night.
Sometimes, the schedule of people around here is hectic and often last minute changes rule. Tonight, I was going to miss one kid from dinner, then a second one, then the third- so Steve and I ate leftovers. Later, I picked up the girls (plus one) from the game. Somehow, Maura has become the acting drum major for pep band. Apparently, the real ones either quit or can't be bothered. (not sure what's going on there) She is still working hard on scholarships and was invited to be in a wedding too. She has quizbowl this Thursday and something Friday and she wants friends over Saturday. I learned all this while waiting for Delaney to buy notebook paper this evening. Interesting life!