Friday, December 30, 2011

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
I am sitting here this morning with one more day of Painting parasols at the park ahead of me. Last night, attendance was more than projection and I'm thinking tonight might be as well. The nice weather has brought people to enjoy the last week. My sister Ann even surprised me with a visit. I looked up and there she was (looking really great too) with a couple friends from church.
Since I've been so busy this week, I've not had a chance to post here about Christmas or my anniversary or the play Maura was in.
The play was first- It's called "Promedy" and was basically a comedy about prom- Maura (who played Dante) wanted to go with a cheerleader, who wanted to go with a football player, who liked the goth girl and then there was the geek, who ended up with the promise of 3 different dates (one being with the entire volleyball team) and ended up with none.
Maura did a good job of playing the rebel type guy. The prom theme was a mash up of underwater, renaissance and future, so she wore the cape, spongebob slippers and dueled with a starwars laser.
All in all the kids did a good job and most came over for the cast party afterwards. (I was working, so that was all on Steve)
For our anniversary, we got each other sappy cards and Steve had one of our wedding pictures enlarged on canvas and I bought him a silver celtic design ring with the word "more" engraved inside. We did a bit of shopping and then had an early dinner at Landry's (which was a bit of a disappointment taste-wise, but we didn't mention that to each other)
Christmas morning and I woke up at 5 remembering I didn't bake the pies yet so i was the first up. I finally woke everyone about 7 and we celebrated Christmas. After gifts were opened, i spent the next few hours in the kitchen, we ate about noon and then I napped a few hours. When i got up again, i made some snack food for dinner.
I am very excited about a couple few of my gifts. I got a new Kindle reader which is about the same size as my old sony one, but half as thin... so light, I'm not having problems holding it while sleeping.
I got the new version of family tree maker- so I'll be delving into that again, on my time off. I got a new ruffler foot for my sewing machine so I'll be playing with that too.
I just learned i have to take Delaney to work, so I have to get a move on.
Love to all!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Random chat-
I was happy to know the glass window piece arrived at it's destination safe and sound. Whew! A load off my mind. I cleared up my space to switch over from glass back to quilting. But haven't quite settled into a project. I bought a few yards of fabric from The Quilted Cow when they had their holiday open house/ luncheon. I plan on adding some of it to a quilt I started after market so I can have it quilted.
Everyone seems to be getting sick. at work, my manager was out for over a week and Delaney came home sick today. besides that, there are elderly co-workers who are struggling as well. Blood pressure issues and a general weakness put one in the hospital last week. I hope I'll hear he's feeling better when i work tomorrow.
The big news is that Maura's play is this week, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I have no idea what it's really about, but just keep hearing about odd funny things. Maura is playing a boy- the lead male- and there's a kissing scene. Besides that, I get a call today, "mom, can you make a voodoo mermaid doll?" uh, ok.
" Mom, the person who was having the cast party can't, can we have it at our house?" Uh, ok?
(I'll be working, but Steve will host it) I made cookie dough and cupcakes today in anticipation of the party.
Delaney took a bunch of cans from the pantry to school for the food drive without letting us know so I got a bit steamed when I planned dinner and discovered the cream of mushroom soup wasn't there to use. She, of course, goes to school and tells how angry I got, really playing it up, so I look like a crazy woman who hates charity. It wasn't that she took them, it's that she didn't let us know and that's not how I wanted to find out.
She also decided to share with a classroom of students how I gave her the sex talk and expect her to use condoms. Lovely. It's not their business and I'm pretty sure she's trying to put nails in the coffin of my subbing career. Oh well. if anyone asks I can certainly say it's not their business.
She broke up with her boyfriend because she was bored. LOL She's such a flirt, I'm sure it did hamper her socializing. She's still friends with him, one in a long line of boyfriends to come, I'm sure. I've been holding one pass back, thinking that they might try to go to the park on a warmer night, but I guess I won't worry about that any longer. Maura took a friend out there on a day it rained. Sometimes I wonder about my kids!
I'm off work on Jan 6th and start back Feb 27. So, not too long of a break.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Still playing with my camera and some of the effect settings. The photo above is a color select of red. Anything else is B/W. Also I learned any highlights also turn gray, so not always a good choice.
This shot is enhanced color- vivid! Probably a better choice in a candy shop.
Then I played with Sepia-tone for the older look of the Park. The mule was waiting outside the church as a wedding ceremony was taking place. The happy couple rides around the square afterwards. In this particular case, it was a celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary and they were re-marrying each other. I remember when they used to drive the mule and wagon through the park as part of the package pickup system. They no longer do that due to the number of people in the park these days.
This is the church at the park and the minister exiting after the wedding. They also have carol sings in the church through the holidays and yes, actual church services on Sundays.

Sunday, December 04, 2011

December already?
This has been one of my bigger projects since Summer. I still need to clean it really well, but I'm calling this baby done and will ship it off this week.

I turned 51 and my Dh bought me a new camera. I missed the telephoto lens I had on his 35 MM camera ( I cooped it as "mine" when we married) and so now I have a digital Cannon powershot SX40 HS and I'm still reading all the information on how to use it. Luckily, I have willing (or semi- willing) subjects around here. So, meet Psyche, the part Maine coon cat from the animal shelter who rules our home with an iron paw. Still, she was good about me taking pictures of her, at least on THIS day.
Not to be outdone, Lola was good about me taking pictures of her, interrupting her mid morning nap. She's also a shelter rescue. I'm still playing around, but I'm having a great time with some of the unexpected special effects. The most intriguing is the color highlight function. You can pick one color and that will be the only thing in the photo that is in color, everything else is b/w. Cool huh? I can think of two things I'd like to try with that feature, but it's raining today and both are outdoors. ICK! Rain! Which is better than sleet or ice around here, but snow is in the forecast, so we'll see what happens tonight and tomorrow.
Yesterday it rained all afternoon and evening but that didn't seem to stop people from going to the park. People did seem to come and go more and I felt some anxiety about losing sales because I didn't have the time to make enough parasols. Rainy days are also conflicting because, while you can use them in the rain, the paint has to dry 24 hrs, so you can't use them right away in the rain.
I need to get ready to head to work, everyone else is already gone and we're hoping the parade doesn't get cancelled due to rain tonight.
Decorating the house tomorrow- Steve said he'd put the tree up then. FaLaLaLaLa... Lalalala!