Sunday, November 06, 2011

My sister Louise- hat maker

I'm standing with my auction piece

fabric store in Houston
flying Home

acorns using the caps of a Burr Oak and felt

Houston Market!!!
Thanks to Ackfeld Manufacturing, we went to Quilt Market for the first time. I drank in so much information there, I am still processing it all. We saw new products and fabric lines, saw so many "rock stars" and generally had a blast meeting so many people. I'll make a post soon about all my impressions (as soon as I get the boxes I mailed to myself)
One thing I love about my sister is that she's so accepting of my weirdness- who else would drive me to a jack-in-the box and help me gather Burr oak acorn caps? They are so cool looking and huge- I wanted to make felt acorns for thanksgiving decorations. Not only that, but gave me the roving in perfect colors and did a phone consultation about needing to needlefelt the roving first before wet felting. How cool is that?