Saturday, August 20, 2011

Playing at the Outback Pub

Zach and Maura before his set

Delaney and Brooke shopping at ES
The Day before school started-
I spent the day with Delaney and her BFF Brooke at Eureka Springs where we enjoyed a shopping day. It was Delaney's wish to shop there. I know it's a cool town and the clothes there are interesting and definitely not something you see everywhere else, but the prices are a bit high for us and she left kinda disappointed. I am always impressed by how articulate she is with sales people and how they warm up to her quite easily.
I thought we'd head to Berryville and I planned to cut back north, but missed my turn, so we ended up going to Branson and then back home.
Later that night, I met up with Steve and Maura at the Outback Pub to see Zach play. I've never heard him play his violin before and, since he's heading to college, it was my only chance for awhile. This band is a "bluegrass" band, playing all original stuff. I got to meet Zach's parents there , I'm thinking for the first time, but his Dad said we'd met before.
Anyway, we called it a night pretty early because Maura wasn't really allowed to be there past 10.
I had a moment thinking how full circle things are at times. Imagining what, if anything, my Dad would have to say to Zach- thinking of how similar the setting was (yet decades apart) and even the music might be similar as to what my dad would have been playing in his youth.
Zach's dad made a comment that the violin cost more than his first two cars and had a bit of an unspoken "and this is why we spent all the money for it and the lessons, so he can play in a bar?"
Of course it's probably not the end destination of all his work and certainly not Zach's life calling to play in bars , but I bet he can pick up some spending money that way. I wish Zach luck on his pursuit of an art career beginning with his major wake up call in college. LOL

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Registered for High School-
Delaney was excited and nervous to head off to High School. Waiting in the lines with the other freshmen, she had a blast comparing schedules and trying to open her locker. Side note: She was the only one of my kids who actually figured out the locker combination on the first day. In the end, she took off with Brooke and I shopped and came home.
I signed up to sub again this year, but I'll do it on a limited basis as my other job will allow. I didn't want to loose my background check if something doesn't work out at SDC. I'm calling it a transition.
Moonlight Madness is over and I'm back to normal hours. I need to head in a bit early today to drop off the dresses I repaired for the dress shop and I hope to drop by the other painter's site to see if they have white paint pens. They'll just be open this week and then our spot will be the only place to get parasols.
Maura signed up for the ACT again. Hoping she scores higher than the 25 she has now. 30 seems to be a good number to aim for. She's enjoying her time with Zach before he heads off to college. I'm hoping to hear him play before then. Next week he'll play at Outback's and I'm looking forward to hearing him.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Cardboard boat races and rain!
Maura and Zach competed yesterday in the Chances Cardboard boat race. They were in the extreme category and came in 3rd because they got shut out by the big firetruck boat. A shame that they had no maneuvering room and were basically paddling the shoreline.

It was crazy hot there waiting for the race to begin. I was so hot and turning red- going inside for awhile helped. I missed the actual race because i had to go to work. They were missing some people, so I was put on a register in the "college" area. I am completely clueless about grown people being such fans of a team (any team, any sport) but I played it up as best I could. Someone kept turning the Texas stuff upside down. I had to ask guests why. Apparently, everyone (especially Oklahoma people) like to dis the longhorns. I spent the evening turning things right side up.
This is why I went to a school that had a shell as a symbol. LOL
The rain came and cleared the park out- sort of- people were coming and going at the same time- optimists and pessimists I suppose. One more day of moonlight madness and then back to normal hours. I get to go back to parasol painting tonight.
It's been miserably hot here, as it has been most everywhere, and we just kept missing the rain. Well, not last night. We finally got a storm and it was a good one. If you can imagine, we lost another tree- I don't think we have many left to lose- this one was along the property line and actually snapped with the wind from the storm, midway up the trunk. It got hung up from falling in the big oak so I'm not sure how we are going to get it down.
Delaney was swimming at her friend's dock and the wind blew things around quite a bit- actually broke their dock and it also came lose from it's right tie down. They had some scary moments with the lightning and wind.
Extremes seem to be the watchword for this year. We had a couple unusual snow storms in the area then a crazy amount of rain in the Spring which brought on flooding and the tornado that hit Joplin and now such high temps with high humidity for so long. I can only imagine what Fall is going to look like. Maybe an early cold one? Please?