Friday, July 29, 2011

New Job-
I'm still working at the Amusement park, but I've switched to a new position and I'm loving it.
I get to use my art talent and connect to kids on a one-to-one way that I really enjoy. Being able to make a simple drawing and knowing that it makes people happy is fun.
Not long ago on the QA list, someone asked if we considered not making quilts. My first thought was no... but then I didn't get accepted into the Houston show with a piece I really liked. Oh, I know it can be just not the juror's cup of tea, it might have been my photos (my CD got cracked in the mail and I emailed photos directly which I may have forgotten to re-size.) It could have been how rushed I felt finishing this quilt at a time I felt so pressured with end of school year stuff. I might not know exactly why I didn't get in the competition, but it's effect is that I am second guessing myself.
Maybe I am stuck in this direction that isn't popular at the moment. My quilts are getting pretty dark and moody. Maybe I am needing to step back and make a quilt not for competition. It feels like any quilts I make is for competition and I don't have time to make anything else. Maybe I should step back and experiment and not be concerned about making something for anyone else.
How much will the constant demand of drawing at my job will affect my need to be creative? I'm not sure. At the most basic level, I'm working as an artist- not making BIG art, but still, enjoyable.
If I do keep making quilts for shows, I'll have to adjust my time frame for working. I have a hard time getting much accomplished when I'm working. The hours of the park take a large chunk out of the center of the day/ evening. I'll have a couple months off in jan and feb and then back to work. Any big stuff will have to be done then.
All kinda interesting.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Changing jobs-
Today was my last day at the dress shop. I am moving "up top" to paint parasols. It's going to be a better fit for me for a few reasons. One, it's inside, so I won't have to be in such hot temps. Two, I get to sit down in a rocking chair. I'll be happier not standing on concrete for 8 hours. Three, it's fewer days a week (although not at first) so I can do some personal art again. Four, it at least has something to do with my talents and interests. I never would have thought I'd think painting parasols was gong to be the best use of my art talents, but... ok. Lastly, the job is until Jan. so I have a longer contract. It looks like I might be like a real local applying for unemployment for 2 months or so a year... but I'm getting ahead of myself.
I have a feeling working up top is different from working down below. I'll have a different set of bosses and a different set of co-workers. Probably more attention to costumes and more exposure.
Easier to get to the employee food and I guess I'll know more as I go along.
This week, I got my evaluation and got a 99.5 which was really pretty good. Part of the score takes the store's performance into account. In this case, the store is new, and it is exceeding expectations, so those scores are good. I am not sure what happens when you are against numbers you don't meet as a store. I am just going to do my best and not worry about the things I can't change.
Each day, I learn a bit more about the things they don't talk about in orientation. There's a sale day when the employees get 50% off anything at the park. There's a few other things like that that go on.. a vague reference to a sale in Dec. and days when the park is closed before Christmas and how we get new dresses for Christmas.
But, as always, the people have been entertaining this week, including the co workers. I'll always picture my co worker telling me to look at this guy. I turned and saw she had him by his ponytail and wasn't letting it go until I saw just how long it was. Ok, it WAS long- all the way to the ground- but she was so funny too. I've made some good friends there and have their numbers to keep in touch.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Weird stuff-
Last night, when I was getting into my car at the employee parking lot, I discovered a wooden walking stick in the passenger's seat and the glove compartment was open. At first I thought someone had mistaken my car for theirs. I came home mildly amused. It was a nice walking stick with a compass embedded in the top and a leather strap. BUT- it wasn't mine and, even though it might be impossible to find the owner by word of mouth, i thought to do that.
This morning, I took the stick with me to work and started telling people the strange story. Some suggested it might be connected to the police car in the parkinglot last night so, when I got to my shop, I called security to report it. It wasn't long before I had visitors and it was, indeed connected.
I ended up making a police report since, even though the unknown bandit GAVE me a walking stick, he also TOOK some checks I had in the car. Nice that the police last night found them on this guy and took them from him.
This guy seemed so bizarre in his choices of things he took and left (not just my stuff) and I guess the checks were the only thing of actual value found on him.
The moral of the story is that I could have just blown the walking stick off as "oh well, their loss" and never would have discovered my checks missing. Always try to do the right thing.

Monday, July 04, 2011

4th of July-
Kinda a non issue here this year. Steve is in Baltimore, I worked the entire weekend and the kids worked some days as well. Delaney went out on the boat with Aja and her grandparents on Saturday, the night Kimberling City set fireworks off. I came home, ate a bit and was PLANNING to watch them from our house- except I fell asleep. Delaney came home and said she had a good time. Maura spent the evening with Zac after work. I guess Tyler came home after work.
Working outside in a long dress during a extreme heat index (106?) isn't pleasant. At least we are in the shade and with fans, and I doubt I'm any hotter than anyone else out there and, honestly, the dresses sort of wick up the moisture. By the time I get home, my dress is wet and I peel off my layers first thing and slide something cool on then bask in the AC.
Sunday was our busiest day of the weekend. We were very busy selling and then struggling to still count in inventory and sort them. People were trying to buy the stuff as we were sorting. Days like today, we could use someone to just deal with inventory. We got a shipment that was so big, it has taken days to get it counted and sorted and I guess this was the last of it.
For the most part, the store is a success. There are a few items that are just ugly and poorly made and we've tried having them out for sale now and then, but they just don't do well. There are some that are just slow sellers. Not that they are bad looking, just boring or limited in the type of person it can fit.
That's another thing. It's a small shop and it carries dresses to fit several different ages and body types. There are so many times people think they should be able to wear any of the dresses there, regardless of their own size... even kids' dresses. Granted, some of the dresses are a bit specific to a body type (small chest or small hips) but it amazes me sometimes what people will squeeze themselves into and be happy with.
I'm on the fence about how me working this summer is affecting the Pozek household. I do enjoy making money during the summer, but I'm not having any time to enjoy it much. So many projects I tackle over the summer (painting the house, working on art projects) is impossible now. I am concerned about not being available to the kids and how Maura texts me where she is instead of asking if she can go. I'm so hot and tired after work and my days off are basically spent playing catch up around the house. (need to wash all my dresses today) The yard needs a lot of work and I just can't seem to want to get out there in the heat and work in it.
Yesterday, Tyler had to take the girls to work and drove off with Delaney half out of the car. She has a huge bruise on her arm. I know he was sorry, that it was an accident and that it is a big lesson in what NOT to do again, but it weighs on my mind.