Saturday, November 14, 2009

Week 9-13-
Monday was my first official day of being a long term sub. I started the day with the computer tech people, getting me access to the grading system. It wasn't until the end of the day that we were instructed how I should get access to the computer system in the first place. Which gives you an idea of how the transition day went. I ended the day with my head spinning with minute details and not the bigger picture. (that came Tuesday)
Monday evening, we attended the induction ceremony for the National Honor's Society. Maura was invited to join. I got the impression that, in the past, the group was small enough to fit on the stage, but this group was so large, they had to have a portion of the auditorium roped off for them. That's a positive. Of course, the glaring negative would be that it was held at the Middle school because the HS decided building a second gym was more important than having an auditorium at all. Sigh.
Each day this week, Delaney had Basketball Practice at 6 am. The two of us woke up at 5 and we went to school (except 2 days where I met a parent part way down our road, so I could go home again for a while) There is a lot of running involved. Running for punishment, running for warm-up. By Thursday, Delaney was worn out, dehydrated and throwing up, so Steve had to come get her and take her home. Hopefully, the practices after school will agree with her more.
Tyler has met a girl, Megan, and she came over Wen. night. She seems nice. They went to the lake and watched the sunset together. (awww)
Friday, Delaney went on a trip with Student Council (stuco)that was an area meeting of all such groups. She seemed to have fun with team building, entertainment and such. Looks like duct tape was part of the mix. Anyway, I encouraged her to take our camera for pics for the school paper, or websites, or newspaper articles, which I am now in charge of.
And thus explains part of my chaos. Besides class work for 3 media classes, with it's own set of classwork projects, there's the mulitude of news media items to keep track of and then 2 gifted Language with 3 different large projects. I have a feeling that I will be doing a lot of grading work over Thanksgiving. This weekend, I am reading books I am not familiar with so I can grade book projects next week. I still have to find 2 more books. Thankfully, I have read the majority of those chosen!
Part of the proccess this week has been to organize my mind and the projects so it all becomes logical. The teacher left me with a clear plan (THANKFULLY) to follow.

National Honor's Society



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