Saturday, September 19, 2009

Delaney -MS student council
Maura with the band
Homecoming Parade-2009
For the upteenth time in a row, I subbed the day of the Homecoming Parade, which is ok, because I would have gone to see it anyway. Today I was a 5th grade Math teacher. In our town, we have the parade in the afternoon and the route is just among the school buildings, so it starts at the elementary school, winds through the parking lot of the Intermediate and Primary school, then heads out onto the actual road to go to the High school. Last year, the MS kids were bussed to the HS to watch, not sure what they did this year. The theme was "board games" for the floats. Maura worked on the Speech and debate float (battleship) and was hoping to ride on it. The problem was that the band director insisted that all band members march with the band, even if they don't play a marching instrument, so she was walking behind the banner, dressed in the outfit she had hoped to wear on the battleship float. She was asked by the sophmore class to do their make-up (because they did a goth version of Candyland and she is well known for her creative make-up. )
The parade always amazes me- it lasts about 15 mins. and includes even the little kids that play football and cheer. For the most part, the floats are still really lame compared to the ones we did in HS but, I do have to say I think they are getting better over the years. (one year the seniors just rode in the back of a pick-up) The participation in building the floats just isn't here. Maura worked 3 days on the debate float and brought a friend to help. Because he helped, he rode on the float and he wasn't even in speech and debate. I think it's fair that they reward those who work on the floats though.
Delaney worked on hers a couple days, made the tie dye t-shirts, and argued that they WERE allowed to throw candy (Maura said they couldn't) In the end, the HS kids didn't and the MS kids did. Lack of communication on that issue from the schools. The little kids love the candy!
It's always amusing to me that they try to get the kids (all kids) fired up about the football game and we rarely win. This year, the younger kids were told they were to sit with their parents at the game, I doubt that worked, it's not why the kids come. They don't actually watch the game, why would they when we always lose? They go for the socializing and (probably) flirting. Even the parents are there to socialize. I think only the football parents actually watch the game. I know I've used the words always and usually intermingled, but we've had years where we never won a single game and years that we've one one all season. I wonder what it's like to be a football star on a team that has a record like that?
Delaney was going to a Birthday party/ sleepover, so she went to the game with her friends and I didn't have to go. I had to be home to watch over the dog. then I had to go back to pick up Maura from the dance at midnight. I had a long day (5:30 am- 1:00) and the dog woke me up at 7 this morning.


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