Thursday, September 17, 2009

Homecomming week-

It's early to be having Homecomming at the High school, but someone decided that, with the timing of away games and the ultra hard team after that, this week would be the best shot at winning a game. That's never been a real issue here (actually winning a game) but, whatever.

For the Spirit week activities, the High School kids are dressing up every day in some way. Maura LOVES these days and goes to extremes. She's not all that interested in football, she just loves to dress up.

So, on "Hat Day", it isn't enough to just wear a hat, she did an entire look- I'm thinking it was quasi- steampunk/ victorian. On "Inside out and hair day", She wore hand painted clothes and went a bit creative on the make up too. I missed taking pictures of her on "fake an injury day" which she interpreted as dressing up as a pirate (with some sort of odd covering for her leg to look like a wooden leg-not all that successfully)
I have to say that this is all on her own, I'm not doing anything beyond having the supplies she's raiding for her creations. It's kinda interesting to see what she uses and how. Nothing is sacred and it really doesn't matter if it belongs to someone else or not. (sorry Ann, the sleeping bag became Hair today)
It's entertaining for me to watch her being creative. She tends to do her own thing, rarely asks for advice and works surprizingly hard at making her "vision" come true.
Delaney is embarrassed to be seen around her and resentful when she takes something that was hers (like the fake blood and makeup). Meanwhile, Maura's been asked to do the make up for those on the Sophmore float , has been working on the Speech and debate float and hopes to be able to be with them in the parade and not with the band (since she is pit and doesn't actually play anything marching)
Delaney has been working on the Middle school honor society/ fccla float. She made a tie dye shirt to wear on the float. If I can find out the route of the parade, I'll be there to take pictures.


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