Thursday, November 05, 2009

It's been a good week-
Maura was invited to join the National Honors Society at her school. The Ceremony is on Monday evening. She received a letter in the mail from a college that, basically, gives her the option of heading to college now and the credits she earns will go towards HS and college. The drawback is that it's emphasizing math and science (which she says she sucks at) Free tuition sure is hard to pass up (along with those tantalizing mentions of their grads getting into MIT, Washington Univ, etc) I wish she could like science and math a little bit.
Delaney was reluctant to try out for Basketball for some reason, but she did and got on the team. I'm not much of a sport fan, but I'm all about doing what you love and if that means Basketball for Delaney, then I'm all for it.
Just to round out the parental blessings, Tyler met a girl and has been chatting to her alot this week. He's even mentioned college recently. Hmmm.. maybe a DL won't be far behind?
I called the neighbor's daughter about his situation and she has arrived to take him to the DR appt today. Hopefully, something will be decided while she's here and I won't feel so concerned about starting Monday working full time.
I'm looking forward to stepping into the classroom full time for a few months. teaching media, news media and gifted language arts. I've been subbing for 8 years now and I've come to realize the joy of that is walking into a situation cold and trying my best to teach the subject to my best ability. One day I am a special ed teacher working on the basic reading skills, the next, I'm teaching matter and elements in science. For now, for a few months, I'll be seeing the same kids and teaching the same lessons. I'm sure I'll find a different kind of joy in seeing a project compleated and a deeper appreciation of the students.


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