Saturday, July 23, 2005

Random stuff-
I forgot to write about some things I referred to in earlier posts. Must be I was still trying to get straightened out from all the coasters.
I went to Kimberling City's police dept to get my prints re-done. I'm feeling that the policeman was more experienced, but I'm concerned that there wasn't enough ink in their pad. Some of my prints seemed to have pale centers. I'll be upset if I have to do this all again
I took the girls to see "Charlie and the Chocolate factory". What to say? I believe it was a more faithful version to the book that the gene Wilder one. Charlie has both parents, for example. I LOVE Tim Burton movies, but having the same actor as ALL the Oompa Loompas was creepy to me. So was Willie Wonka's odd smiling. They also added a "moral" story line to it that was like a 20 ton sledge hammer. Apparently it's not enough that Charlie was a well mannered , very poor boy who ended up being rewarded with wealth for his good soul.
Maura and Delaney enjoyed it though and that's what really mattered.
I bought the new Harry Potter book while we were driving home from Ohio. I wasn't allowed to read it in the car (DH says reading makes me car sick) and I was busy once we got home settling in. But I finally got to give it my undivided attention yesterday. I read the whole thing.
Tyler called me a reading dork. Maura said I was a reading geek. They both are just jealous of how fast I can read. They said things like, "It would take me a week to read what you did in an hour" and I just said, "the more you read, the faster you can go".
So, my thoughts on the book? I'm glad Harry got that anger under control. Last book, he was so angry about so much, frustrated and between a rock and a hard place. He's maturing nicely.
Dumbledore. Is it a secret anymore? I'm not upset. If all the headmasters hang around in portraits anyway, have they really lost him? We'll have to see. He has his mission now and knows what he needs to be looking for and what to do. I'm hoping he stays in school, however. He needs to set an example to kids reading the story everywhere. Education needs to be completed.
I wonder if the kids it was originally written for are actually reading it? I know my kids are interested in the story, but are intimidated by the size of the books. My wrists ended up getting pains from holding the book up. It's not exactly easy to read in bed. My kids are just waiting for the Movies at this point. I'm sure there are some "reading geeks" out there who are doing it, but I suspect it's mostly adults buying them now.
Of course, one of the drawbacks of reading the book so fast is that it's over. I'm ready for the next one please. Ok, so what I do is start all over, from the first book, and re-read them all again, just to see the story unfolding all at once.
Hubby has plans to buy a couch tomorrow. He's setting it up with some friends with a truck to help pick it up and deliver it here. I'm just letting him do whatever he wishes. I am guessing we'll need at least one more couch (after this one) before we are childless and can keep things relatively nice. Our current couch is so shabby there's no one who would want it. Hubby plans on cutting it up and having the trash man haul it off in pieces. My son has slept on it so often, I thought if we put it in his room, it might be an incentive to get him to actually sleep in his room! (joke!)
I cannot believe we are going to have a child in High school. We waited a bit late to start a family and then we had three kids (while most of our friends had one) So, some of our friends are experiencing kids off to college, while we're lagging behind. Well, I don't want to think about school yet. It will come soon enough and rule my life once again.


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