Sunday, November 29, 2009

Delaney and her Magic Growing Bag
Day of Service-sorting toys at Salvation Army

Week 23-27-
Monday, the 23rd was the Middle school's day of service. Each group went to different places in the community. My group was assigned to work at the salvation Army headquarters in Springfield . They brought boxes and boxes of toys into the gym from storage and it was our job to sort them. These were toys left over from last year, so we had to categorize them into age groups and types of toys (stocking stuffers or bigger toys). I would say it was a very successful day. The kids all worked hard (some more than others) but everyone made a good effort in the face of toys they would like to be playing with. (such an transitional age)
We rode up on the bus with another group who was working at a thrift store. Delaney was in that group. They faced a mountain of clothes that they were to sort (no really bad clothes) and put into garbage bags, so they were more manageable for further sorting. I think it went well enough for there to be a repeat of the practice.
Everyone was happy for the Thanksgiving break. After grading some projects and figuring out how to post them (hopefully) into the report card system, I felt free to concentrate on home. I actually took down the Halloween decorations and put up a few Christmas ones. The weather was wonderful, warm and clear, so I took advantage of that to go over and do some work at Troy's. There was some trash and some things we talked about donating to the school (art books and some supplies) There's a couple pieces of furniture I wanted, so I got them ready to go.
It was a quiet dinner here with just the 5 of us and most of our favorite things. Delaney went to carsyn's that night and the rest geared up for Black Friday. With it being quiet here, I started working on a quilt I hope to enter in January to get back on track with my art goals.
Today it's raining but we are going to celebrate my birthday today since everyone is home today. We forgot all about doing the car tags, so Steve will do that for me tomorrow while I take his car to work. That's a great gift right there! I hate digging up all the old tax information and getting it inspected then getting the tags. Such a hassle!
Gearing up for another week of teaching! Happy holidays to you!


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