Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New year- 2011
I missed the actual ringing in of the year. Maura had friends over and they were Rockband, dance,dance revolution nuts and I hid in my room. Choosing to read did me in and I fell asleep, only waking up when Steve came to bed. I was awake then until 3 am.
I made a full breakfast this morning for all the sleep over guests and watched the Rosebowl Parade. It took awhile to get back to making art, but I did make progress.
A friend posted on facebook that today should be spent how you mean to go on for the year. If you cleaned and did laundry, that's what most of your year would be spent doing. SO, I decided that making art today would be very important.
I am trying something a bit different for me with this quilt. I have some concrete images, but I want them flowing from one to another in some way. I've taken a bold step with rusting fabric I've painted images on. I'm hoping it is a good choice, but you never know with rust dying what you'll get exactly. I'm not sure what rusting will do to the painted surfaces - if the paint will even take rusting. I also want to depend a bit more on quilting to carry from one image to another and maybe some added painted elements. I need to look to the transitions to bring this quilt together, I think. Transition is an important word with this quilt.
Words that are also floating around in my mind are Sunflower, memories over the years through time, birth, growth,death,legacy,nourishment and re-birth.
Discernment was a word that resonated with me for this year. Looking beyond the surface and seeing deeper issues.
I signed up for the sketchbook project, something that makes me nervous on a few different fronts. I like making goals and I have enough integrity to work hard at following through. I like commitment. But, having an ongoing, monthly goal makes me nervous. Also, it's hard for me to make marks in a sketchbook. Especially those really nice ones. I like using a spiral ring notebook of graph paper. The notebook isn't so precious that I feel I can't make mistakes and I could even rip out the page if it totally sucks. I was surprised by the number of sketchbooks people seem to have going at one time. I never really thought about making sketchbooks for public consumption and the sketches i make aren't high art, just enough for me to know what I'm doing. So, this will be a struggle to make a sketchbook of worthy art.
But, for this challenge, I'm going to work single page and create a notebook around them. The benefit to this is that I can use whatever surface I want, watercolor paper, pastel paper, or computer papers without making a collage and spraying a book. This book will expand as needed and I don't feel either pressure or dismay at the number of pages bound into a book, the mistakes I might make or the quality of art there.


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