Friday, December 17, 2010

I'm going to give this project a try.
I do use sketchbooks, but I typically don't show them. It seems so many people's sketchbooks are organized and beautiful, like da vinci's notebooks. Mine aren't like that at all, I wonder how I'll fair doing this project.
My sketchbook is a inexspensive graph paper notebook that I keep near me for notes and doodles. I put the date in the front of it when I begin to draw in it and I put the date I'm finished there next to the start date, so I have the time range for that notebook's life. I doodle ideas there, working out the designs, writing down words that strike me as directions to go in, and other things.
I'm not sure how beautiful my real sketchbook is-or how beautiful the drawing could be (using this sort of paper) so, I'm concidering using a different sort of sketchbook. Seeing that this project has a different theme each month, perhaps keeping it seperate from the other art designs is the way to go.


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