Friday, December 17, 2010

Pizza and Conversation-

It's not often that my teenage kids want to have a conversation with me. They are all at the stage where everything I say is boring and predictable. I am probably boring and predictable because I'm saying all the mom things- "clean your room", "how's your grades?" "It's your turn to do..." and so on- Not to mention that, as a substitute teacher, I am strict in the classrooms, even if they are in them.
So, it's a real treat for one of my kids to have a real conversation with me, talking about things that are bothering them and having the opportunity to guide them a bit. I think it was a surprise for them to get real answers from me- not the "party line" that I must say at school, but my own real oppinions.
This one had a bit of a slip of values. Nothing that isn't forgivable- nothing that isn't just a sign of her age- but a slip nonetheless. This wasn't the first conversation we've had recently, but this one was a good conversation about serious things.
I see she's still proccessing what happened and the ramifications of what happened. Not only within the family, but the community as well. Seeing who was affected and who gets blamed for events and everyone's goals in the situation is good for her future ability to navigate these crazy waters of romance.


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