Friday, July 11, 2008

This and That-
Above is a picture of a quilt I'm working on. I think it will be part of a series I'm excited about working on. Something I think that is growing from my "fabled fibers-Pecos Bill" quilt, a feeling of folk art to the overall piece, but also portraits of real people. In this case, H.C. "Hoppy" Hopper, a singer/ songwriter, lay minister and teacher's aide. This is still a work in progress.
Here's a box I made a while ago, but I wanted to show off the stick that holds it together.It's a heavy wire hanger, cut and wrapped with emboidery floss. The box itself has fabric covered matboard for stability and hmmm, some of my very favorite fabric ever (from hoffman) some angelina fibers and beads. To open the box, you remove the stick, take off the top square, and the box falls open, on all four sides. The pattern was from sommerset studios-a pyramid box.

These are some scarf holders (for want of a better name) that are glazed on both sides. The stick is a skewer, cut down to size and painted. I drilled a small hole in one end and added the hanging piece, which is a stone that was once part of a charm bracelet (I think) it turned out that the green stone looked good with both glazes, but I can see a bead , glazed to match, as an option as well.


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