Thursday, February 24, 2011

Things in general-
Delaney has started pre-track this week. This gives the kids a chance to get back into shape and have an idea which events they want to try out for. Delaney has already been quite vocal about being a thrower again, but I suspect she'll also run in some event too. There was a bit of an issue this week but, I'm sure it will be worked out by the administration. Because the practice runs until 5:30, we took her with us to Branson to see the gong show. The Gong show was a benefit for Meals on Wheels and was more geared to local- ish talent than the "stars". Not to say there weren't some people in the show that have come to Branson to be stars, they just haven't made it (exactly). I didn't mind the hometown flavor of the show and I could sit through some of the bad acts, but the judges comments were very hard to listen to as they rambled and stuttered through their reasoning. Even Delaney was saying , "oh, come ON!". Margaret's husband Larry performed an original song that was quite humorous (and a bit cynical) about wanting to be a Branson star. I think of everyone there, the judges were most appreciative of the lyrics. But, there were people who had "shows" in Branson and several kids who wanted to be the next cutiest thing on a stage. A family from Ar won and, I'd agree that they did have the best show at doing a show somewhere. Not sure the sound system was set up correctly for all of them singing, but good stage managing will fix that. Nothing beats family harmony. One older man sang, messed up his lyrics, was going to gong HIMSELF, and the judges said, "go to the chorus" and then sang along to back him up. I loved that.
Anyway, Today, Delaney teaches after school in Gen yes, Tech yes until 5 and then we have Maura's Band concert. I didn't mention here about Delaney's trip to Jefferson City with gen yes tech yes or what it really means.
GYTY is a program that Mrs Elfrink from the tech dept at school has put together for kids who are very tech savy to teach teachers how to use new gadgets to enhance their classroom. The group is made up of HS and MS students and Delaney and her friend Brooke have taught 2 classes (3rd one postponed because of snow) and they went to the state capital to show off their program. They met legislators and others (like college students) and spoke to them from a booth. Delaney had no problem going to people's offices and asking them if they'd like to see their booth and there might be more in store for her since she does so well. I was jealous that she got a trip to the very top of the capital (outside on top of the dome!). I was glad she had this opportunity to see the capital since the NJHS trip was canceled due to fuel costs.
I subbed this week for the gifted teacher, because I am familiar with DI and her class is working hard to be ready for competition. I was concerned I would have to be careful, since I am judging a challenge, but this class was not doing my challenge, so it all worked out. They seemed to be concerned about the instant challenges... so we practiced a couple and then we talked about how they did. I think it was helpful.
Finally, I've been working on my latest quilt. It's in early stages, but I am enjoying the combination of patchwork and painting.. and also considering what the process is. I have typically worked on all the elements of the top before quilting and then binding. I'm changing that up little by little. In this piece, I think the quilting will come next followed by more surface design. I think that before the quilting, I need a border. I'm still thinking of what fabric that should be. Also, using quilting to provide a different visual interest in areas. I'm visualizing almost scribbling or hash marks in areas. But, I'm still musing about that.
In view of the recent commotion over a teacher blogging, I read through all my posts, just to be certain I didn't cross the line. I have made comments of the education system in general, some personal insights into the education process, but didn't get into specifics into any particular students.
As always, I maintain that I want the best for my own kids, the best for the kids in my school and the best for our country's future. I've had some enlightening conversations recently with one of my old college professors about the quality of a college education and how THAT'S changed.
If I was under any illusion about how kids won't be prepared for college, I guess I shouldn't worry about that any longer.
Speaking of college, Tyler had a "how to" speech in his public speaking class. He chose to do, "how to force a card" (as in Magicians forcing cards) and apparently, no one understood how he was forcing them... they just were amazed by the trick even though he went over it a few times. The Power of Magic! LOL
OH,I didn't mention the IBM challenge on Jeopardy with Watson. It was pretty amazing, but with some glaring holes in his education. You could tell baby boomers made him because he was well versed in Beatles' lyrics, but was a bit lost geographically. (Toronto is not a US city) but overall, I could see the value of Watson in the medical field very easily and it could be "House" without the attitude.
Maura continues to get tons of mail from colleges and we are amused by the variations of her name. Myro seems to be the family favorite. Speaking of her, she's on the third piece of her dress and is working on her solo piece for band competition. A piece, I might add that she was never "forced" to do by the previous band director, so she didn't bother. Maybe in the past between marching competition and winter drumline, she was happy to opt out of Spring competitions, but it never made me very happy that she was allowed to.
So, now that I've covered all three kids, I can close for now.


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