Friday, February 25, 2011

What will it get you?
I went to the job fair today for the local amusement park. I went in open minded, open to any possibilities (except food) and I went in with a BA in education, years of experience working with kids, past experience working at amusement parks, and past experience in retail sales.
I ended up getting a summer job working in a new jewelry shop.
I'm ok with that. It makes it possible to fulfill my current obligations, keep the job I currently have, and doesn't conflict with my sister's visit or my own art projects in the works.
It gets me in the door, shows them what I can bring to the table and let's me see what it's like to work there.
I think I did well with the first interviewer, not as well with the second (mainly because she asked all the same questions he did with a lot less interest) and then got passed to the third who was perky but kept saying, "how does that work for you?" at the end of every statement. "It works great.", "it works fine", "sounds great" "ok"( hard to keep finding a different answer for what's clearly a habitual phrase for her.) After a lengthy meeting with the medical folks, who went over every section of the questionnaire again (no, I don't have anything wrong with me) I finally get to the final stop where, after 3 1/2 hours, I finally get to talk to someone I know (from the boosters)as she checks me out with the final report date, she tells me we won a bid at the auction the other night. Steve was convinced we didn't, so we left. OOPS!
So, I report in May for job orientation and then later, cash register training.


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