Monday, September 05, 2005

Labor Day weekend-
The neighbors across the street invited us to join them on the lake for a cookout on Sunday. They are what we call "weekenders" because they recently bought this house just for holidays. Eventually, they hope to retire here. (at least Ron does) Debbie seems to be one of those people who has done just about everything. She's a school principal and an ER nurse, for example.
We had met their son before but not their daughter. Both are in college.
Anyway, we live on the Lake and have for 10 years, but have spent very little time on boats on the lake. I enjoyed the totally different perspective of our home, from the water side. As you can see, it's a beautiful lake and the Corp of Engineers are rabid about keeping the edges as unspoiled as possible. There are very few opportunities to see the homes hidden by the trees, but they are there.
Maura and Tyler enjoyed riding the jet skis. My DH tried it out a bit later and then I rode along behind him on the trip back. It was an experience! Not sure I felt exactly safe, but that's been an issue I've been struggling with lately anyway. On a quieter day on the lake, I could see me slowly riding along the coves checking out the scenery. (it could happen)
I think we all needed this day in the sun. DH and I really needed the break from the news. We were getting a bit obsessive about watching news channels about Katrina and feeling more and more helpless. I was waking up every night with thoughts of what to do. "Those kids in the shelters will need books to read." or nightmares about people coming into the house and not leaving.
The day in the sun, having a day with our new neighbors, was a great stress reliever. But, today, we had a general lazy day.


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